October 17, 2017


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I have to say, that I never was a fan of DIY's, just because I always found them too tricky and too time consuming. I simply wasn't patient enough for complex DIY's which is way I can't believe I'm really showing a DIY on my blog today. I always loved home decor and interior design but sadly, the most beautiful and classy furniture pieces are way too expensive. I was browsing around Pinterest and found a super easy DIY and Ikea hack which will cost you only a few Euros and is finished super fast! This is definitely a DIY for everyone who want's to save a lot of money, don't have a lot of time and isn't patient.

Actually there are hiding two Ikea hacks in this article: A DIY marble table + a super classy and chic gold hack. Marble is probably the most hyped and loved home trends at the moment. You'll see marble tables everywhere but why are they so expensive?! I would never be happy spending thousands of Euros for a real marble table. I know they look amazing, but no- too expensive!

DIY marble table from ikea_marble hacks_diy marble table for less_ikea gold hacks_chic gold hacks for your home

Believe it or not but you only need three things for this marble table DIY: An inexpensive table, marble sticky paper (can be found at any construction market, DIY stores or all over the internet) and a towel.

Before you buy the marble sticky paper you need to measure out the table to make sure the marble paper will fit! Then you can easily stick the marble paper on the table- bit by bit- and always go after with the towel to make sure it really sticks on the table. Pressing the towel over the sticky paper will also avoid little bubbles if it's not evenly sticked on. Don't forget to go over the the edges of the table as well for a perfect marble look.

And there you have it! A super chic and expensive looking marble table. Made for only a few Euros.

I personally love love love furniture with gold details to it. But sadly, those pieces are always the most expensive ones. Well, not with this Ikea hack! 

What you'll need: A plain white table (with white table legs) + gold spray paint

Make sure to do this outside if you're having a garden or big balcony. Otherwise, cover up the floor with plastic foil to avoid having gold spray paint all over your floor! After that you can simply unscrew the table legs and spray them with the gold spray paint until you have a even finish. I suggest going for a shiny spray paint instead of a matte one, but that's totally up to you!

diy marble table from ikea_ikea hacks_ikea gold hacks_marble table hacks_gold spray paint hacks




  1. The table looks so good, I can't believe it was a DIY project!! This is awesome, thanks for sharing babe :)

    XO, Jessi


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  4. Great decoration! I like the whole interior of your room and especially details like the picture of Audrey Hepburn from "Breakfast at Tiffanie's". Also I like that fluffy things on the chairs. I think this table could be used both for work and for make up. I've ordered the common one here supremedissertations.com .

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    Best regards Pam

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