August 4, 2017


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Wearing your own name as a necklace might sounds a little stupid or crazy for some people 'cause it kind of gives the feeling of these nameplates we all used to have in preschool to remember each others name, remember? Nowadays and even as a grown up, necklaces with your name on it are actually super trendy and fun to wear! They can look super chic or super badass to any outfit, always depends on how you're going to combine it. I personally love to stack it up with two of my favorite chokers for a more statement look, but even with a hoodie or sweater it will give your simple and casual look this extra and very personal touch.

The easiest way to get your hands on your own personal name necklace is probably online. You can browse through all the different name necklaces on 'Namesforever' and choose your favorite design, metal and chain. By the way: You can obviously customize your name necklace just how you like it- you don't have to go for your name. Maybe go for an inspiring word or even your favorite city? You can choose! And if you're a man searching for the perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife or even your mother- you can't go wrong with a name necklace! I would suggest you going for the silver option for your girlfriend or wife (because it's more young and fresh) and the gold option for your mother (because it's more elegant and chic). 

Another cute little gifting idea would be for a mom to be or even for the newborn as a birth or christening gift. I personally got a cute little bracelet with my name on it for my christening and still keep it in my jewelry storage, because it has such a high personal value to me.

The online shopping experience on 'Namesforever' is super easy to navigate and fast! Your name necklace will arrive after only a few days (with free shipping of course), perfectly and secure packed in a cute little jewelry box in which you can store it afterwards when you're not wearing it.




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