August 19, 2017


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I feel like I should put a disclaimer on top of this article that this is not a sponsored article! I just thought about how thankful I would be for a honest review about some of the most hyped online shops at the moment. They are literally SO many china online shops that are super hyped right now because they are basically offering some really great designer ''inspired'' items such as shoes, bag and clothes. It can be quite tempting seeing all these items for a fraction of the price from the real designer pieces. But especially at these china online shops, it can be quite tricky if you never ordered from them before. Is it save to spend my money on there? Will the items arrive? Is it all a fake website because of the cheap prices? They are so many questions, right?!

Well, today I will clear all these questions for at least one of the cheap online shops: SheIn. Most of you might know this website under the name SheInside (they changed it a few months ago to SheIn). I've been knowing this website for the last few years no and already ordered quite a lot from them. I still remember my very first order which was a super pretty nude blouse with flower embroidery. I still have it to this day, but sadly it don't fit me anymore. The quality of most of the SheIn items is really great! BUT, they are a few ''black sheep'' in the major selection. One time I ordered a knit sweater in size M and it was basically the size for a 4 year old when it arrived. No chance of fitting me, at all. Quite frustrating because the return policy isn't the easiest.

After that order I did some orders with two bags which I absolutely LOVE and have been wearing constantly! They even went on a trip to Warsaw with me and survived! The most recent order I did on SheIn includes this white playsuit and the black and gold belt and I have to say that this belt is honestly the best thing ever. The leather is obviously faux but it feels soft as butter and fits perfectly. For only a few euros!

What I'm trying to say is that you really have to check the sizing before you order something from their clothing and maybe take one more close look at the pictures of the item (sometimes you can see some little issues on the items on the pictures, so I wouldn't order this item then). I think you can't have a 100% guarantee on this site, but if I look at all of my orders I did on SheIn over the past few years, I only got one- or maybe two ''black sheep'' under it- but a lot of other really great pieces I got a lot of wear out of already.

Another thins with these cheap china online shops is missing items in the parcel. I can only speak from my personal experience but I never had any items missing from my orders! Sometimes one order will be shipped out in two different parcels but I always got every item and always the right one- right color and right size) I ordered.

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sheinside review_white playsuit_louis vuitton alma bb
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  1. I mean it looks lovely sucks that the sizing can be a bit of a miss at times though!!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  2. I adore your earrings babe! it brings out your outfit!! xx

    XO, Jessi

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