August 23, 2017


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Girls, let's be honest! We all wanted to be a fashion designer at one point at our lives, didn't we?! Well, at least I did, but I'm sure some of you are with me! Since I'm not the best in doing sketches (I'm actually very bad at drawing in general- always have been and always will be), I knew that I can never become a real fashion designer because that's one of the most important things you just have to do when designing fashion. BUT, since technology is at a very pronounced level at the moment, there is a chance for all of us to be a real fashion designer! Yes, you heard right!

You can actually design your own blazer (or even a dress) totally from scratch at Sumissura and bring in all your personal preferences. Sounds great, huh? I can't even tell you how much fun this it to truly design and choose every little detail by yourself and make it your very own style. Of course, I took the chance and went for a Balmain inspired blazer which I always dreamed of and I have to say that I am more than happy with the outcome.

Oh- and by the way! When I say you can choose every little detail by yourself, I mean it!!! From the buttons to the cut and from the reverse to the pockets (and the list with details continues...)- you can choose and design it all by yourself. Another great thing is the sizing. Especially for those super skinny girls or very curvy women- you can type in your exact measurements, so the blazer will fit you like a glove!

My favorite little detail has to be the personalizing tool. It's a super tiny detail, but brings a lot of personality to the whole design and really makes it your own. As you can see on one of the following pictures, you can get your initials sewn in on the inside of the blazer, so nobody can say it's theirs because it has your initials on it! Quite nice, right?

Have I convinced you with this cool design tool? Then go ahead and design your own blazer from scratch now. And don't forget to have fun with it!
balmain inspired blazer for less

sumissura review_design a blazer from scratch by yoursel_balmain ispired blazer
sumissura review_sumissura blazer_balmain inspired blazer
balmain lookalike blazer_sumissura_balmain inspired blazer for less


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