May 19, 2017


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Now, this is definitely a topic so many women struggle with. Doesn't matter if it's because you have a few extra pounds or because your dress is so tight that you can literally see every uneven part on your body. I've worn some shaping panties for the first time ever some weeks ago to a wedding because I wanted to have a more defined figure in my dress- and ladies, let me tell you: There's nothing to be ashamed of wearing shaping panties at a young age!

They do a really great job and give you some extra comfort if you're wearing a really tight or figure-accentuating dress. Or even some high wasted leggings or a tight body. You can actually get those shaping panties for a really good price from Sieh an! There are available in black and skin tone (I would suggest you going for the skin tone color).


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  1. These products look amazing for when you just want a more slimmer and defined shape! Thanks so much for sharing babe! <3

    XO Jessi,


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