June 30, 2016


long natural blonde hair
❞Create your own little space to get ready.❝ Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed about having my own vanity table to get ready in the morning... When I got older, I tried to fulfill that dream and so I always had a vanity for the past years now. I always changed things up a bit and got a new mirror or some new decor stuff every now and then. Right now I am super happy with my vanity place, so I decided to share some pictures and ideas with you and hope you get inspired to build your own vanity space.

I can't even picture my life without a vanity table, honestly. It is just so much nicer and easier to get ready in the morning when you have a place where all of your daily make-up and hair essentials are and where you can relax and enjoy getting ready. It's also going to save you a lot of time and helps you to get ready even faster in the morning, which actually brings us to the topic of this article!

June 28, 2016


black flared jumpsuit
❝Casual piece styled in a chic way.❞ I love to change things up sometimes. For example: Styling a casual piece in a chic way just like this black jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is actually super comfortable and casual looking, but if you style it with a pair of heels and a chic tweed jacket- it totally changes the game! If you have a few of those versatile basic pieces in your closet, you can always decide wether you want to go casual or chic- you just need to combine it with the right pieces to make the change.

June 26, 2016



❞Create the perfect beach look!❝ ''What should I wear to the beach?'' I think most of us questioning this at least ones a year. Since summer is now officially here your awaited summer holidays are right around the corner, aren't they? Only thing might missing: Beach look ideas! Even though it seems like I'm not going on beach holidays this year, I've collected some of my favorites beach wear essentials for you to choose from. The most important thing you can not forget about is definitely a hat. This floppy straw hat is the perfect accessory for any beach look.


June 24, 2016


summer trend 2016 off shoulder
❝What I think about the off shoulder trend.❞ I have to admit that I never really liked anything off shoulder. I don't exactly know why but I always had the feeling it don't suit me, only looks good on nice tanned skin and is just a little uncomfortable to wear. If I think about it now, my thoughts about off shoulder pieces has totally changed to the positive.

I think it's only because off shoulder is basically one of the biggest trends this season and I've been seeing it everywhere and on anyone so I basically had to fall in love with it. I guess that's how it works with all the trends... At first you don't like it that much, then you see it everywhere and eventually start loving it. I do still think that off shoulder looks better with tanned skin though (I'm trying to work on my tan right now). Maybe it's quite lame that I got my very first off shoulder blouse in blue and white stripes 'cause it's seems like everyyy one is having them... but oh well.

June 22, 2016


❞It's gonna be a hot summer.❝ Not only the weather changes for summer, it's also our beauty and make-up routine that tends to change for summer time. When it's getting really hot outside you obviously don't want a heavy full face of make-up which is going to melt away anyways, but you still want to look kind of put together, right?

I prepared a little shopping list with some of my must have beauty products for summer and some little tricks on how to take care of your skin for summer time. Click the button below to start reading.

June 20, 2016


casual chic weekend outfit
❝Best bargain e.v.e.r!❞ I don't even know for how long but it's definitely been ages since I started searching for the perfect black long waistcoat. I wanted one so badly but couldn't really find one which I really loved. Well, actually I did, but then I did not want to pay the price. Shoutout to all those of you who are as economical as me...

Well, what can I say... after months (or even years?) of waiting for my perfect black long waistcoat I finallyyy found one for an unbelievable cheap price. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the price tag with only €14. And you know what store? Primark. The quality feels very good, it's not stinky, looses threads or something like that and it's exactly what I was searching for!

June 18, 2016


❝Always have something to wear with these basic summer staples.❞ So right now it literally can't stop won't stop raining outside which makes it kind of hard to write an summer related article since you're just not in the perfect summer mood... but I really wanted this article to be up today as a summer inspiration for you, so here you go.

Stick to the #basics!
Girls, let's be honest! We all know this struggle when having a closet full of stuff but still nothing to wear. With these 5 basic summer staples it'll make it a lot easier for you to always have something to wear. You just need to focus on the basics, no prints, no crazy cuts - just basics! So let's go:

June 16, 2016


Little black summer dress
❞Wear black and focus on colorful shoes instead.❝ I know that some people try to avoid wearing black when it's summer time... but, you know... if you're a black addict such as I am you simply can't stand it not to wear black all summer long. Easy as that. A little black never hurt, right?

Since it was such a nice sunny day when we were shooting this look, I decided that I can't go all black... so I needed to add at least a little bit of color to this look. Shoes or sunglasses are always a great way to add a pop of color to any look ( I did both for this look, lol ). I love how the shoes are matching the mirrored pink sunglasses and the little black dress which brings the chic touch back in.

June 14, 2016


how to be a girlboss
❝Stay focused & be a #Girlboss!❞ Having an own business, an own company always sounds so cool, interesting and fun... but it really is a lot of hard work. A lot of work just for yourself. There is nobody who will do it for you, there is nobody you can ask to do it for you. The whole responsibility is basically on your shoulders- you are in charge of anything. 

When you're having your own business or you are planning to start your own business, there are definitely going to come some times where you're not as motivated as you were before or it's just hard to stay focused. I bet every successful entrepreneur has gone through this! It's just a part of this whole adventure- it's not easy to be successful with your own business, but there are some tips and tricks you can do to stay more focused while working for your own business.

June 12, 2016


fashion joggers
❞Joggers are more versatile than you might think.❝ Yep, I have to admit that I've always been a jogging pants kind of girl. I love sporty casual looks for everyday wear and I always loved how you can actually combine joggers. Some people might think joggers are only for lounging around the house and stuff... but no, actually they are way more than that!

Do you like to wear #Joggers?
You can seriously create so many different outfits with just one pair of joggers. Just pick your favorite pair and let's get started! Now, this look today is definitely not for everyday but there are so many more options. If you are comfortable in walking in heels you can throw on a pair and pair the joggers with a fancy printed shirt and a leather jacket for example. Another option would be to simply combine comfy sneakers, maybe with plain shirt or blouse (and don't forget to stick your shirt in front of your pants!). My current favorite way to wear casual joggers has to be with a black bodysuit. I just love how it looks and of course, the mix of sporty and sexy.

June 10, 2016


❝My TOP10 summer shoes 2016.❞ Shoes, shoes... shoes!!! Which woman is not addicted to shoes!? Even though I don't like hot summer weather that much, I have to admit that there are always the most beautiful shoes for summer time. I've selected my TOP10 favorite summer shoes for 2016 and can't wait to hear which one's your favorite. Now, keep in mind that you obviously don't have to own all of these 10 shoes, this is just for inspiration and what's trendy this summer.

Choose your #favorite!
One of my favorite summer shoe trends 2016 has to be the pom pom trend. There's seriously nothing better than a fun, colorful, comfortable flat laced up pom pom shoe. Good thing is, they're available for any taste. If you prefer a high pair of pom pom shoes - you're definitely going to find the perfect pair for your personal style. Or, you can just switch up the summer shoe game to another level... What about some trendy Chanel Espadrilles?


June 8, 2016


Zara embroidery skirt summer 2016
❞Make your skirt look like a dress.❝ Uh... summer! The time where skirts are the most popular. I honestly never been a skirt or dress girl. But over the past couple of years I'm getting more and more into them and really love how they look and how versatile they actually are. With a few simple tricks you can actually make your favorite skirt look like a dress.

Let the #fun begin!
Let's be honest, if you first look at this outfit, it's kind of hard to see if this is actually a skirt or a dress. It's a skirt, but combined as a dress, if that makes sense. The thing is, you just have to pair your favorite skirt (works best with high waisted skirts) with a top of your choice which is in the same color as the skirt so they blend really well together and you don't really see the transition from the top to skirt. I'm wearing this skirt with a really tight black bodysuit but since it's black it goes quite well together. If you have a lighter color I would recommend pairing the skirt with a more fluttery top, stick it inside the skirt and there you have it!

June 6, 2016


❝My favorite summer trend!❞ Black lace bralets... They are sexy, elegant, stylish and they are perfect for summer. Ladies, we all know this problem: When it's super hot and humid outside, a tight wire bra is just way too much too wear! I always had this problem during hot summer days, so the only thing I could do was to try to wear dresses or shirts which I can wear without a bra (yes, you heard right!) just because of the comfort.

Lace #bralets for summer.
Yes, lace bralets are the solution. Well, actually any bralet would work but I think lace bralets are the most prettiest. Who doesn't love black lace?! The best thing about bralets: You can actually wear them in a view different ways. Since they should replace the uncomfortable wire bra, you can wear them just as a normal bra or you can actually wear them as a top. If they are not too see-through you can easily combine them with some high waisted shorts or skirts and you are good to go. So easy and stylish!


June 4, 2016


Zara Skinny Jeans, Pink Zara Shoes
❞Mini bags for hot summer days.❝ Let's be honest: As much as you might love summer and hot weather, it's not that nice to carry a huge and heavy bag around all day. I have to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of summer, just because I don't really like hot weather. Everything you wear is basically too much so you don't need a huge bag to carry around all day when you can just change to a trendy mini bag.

It fit's all you #need.
Now, I'm definitely that kind of person who l o v e s to carry a big bag anywhere I go, so I always thought it's basically impossible to fit everything I need in a mini bag. Well, it's true, you have to say goodbye to some things, but it definitely fits all you need like keys, phone, wallet or card case and there's even space for a lipstick or powder compact. So why running around with a big heavy bag during hot summer days when you can make it so easy.

June 1, 2016


spring/summer outfit inspiration
❝Don't forget to smile!❞ So this is basically a premiere today since I think you've never seen me smiling in any pictures on the Trendique and that's such a shame! I don't know what it was but I just never smiled in pictures. I always thought it looked kind of ''strange'' so I always had this pokerface on my face. Some years ago I used to always smile in pictures, like, the biggest smile ever. And then at some point, it stopped. And I don't know why but I just didn't felt comfortable wearing a smile on my face which is actually really sad.

Always wear a #smile,  it's free!
Now, I don't want to blame society on that but sometimes I do have the feeling that society can stop you from smiling. I see so many people everyday on the streets and most of them are looking so emotionless, if that's the right word, with a pokerface on, just trying to survive this day. And I do have to admit that at some point, society kind of got me with that and I was basically doing the same. I'm really trying to smile more from now on (not only in pictures) and I truly hope that more people will wear a smile on their face during the day 'cause life is a beautiful thing and some people tend to forget that sometimes, including me. I remember one day, it was just another normal grey day, people looking all the same with a pokerface on in the subway and a really lovely lady sitting in front of me just randomly smiled at me. You have no idea how this changed my whole attitude for that day!