August 15, 2016


how to keep straight lashes curled all day long
❝Achieve natural curled lashes in two easy steps!❞ Who doesn't want to have natural long and beautiful curled lashes? Eyes are the most attracting part on people and especially for us woman it's always important to have significant and open eyes- especially when we want to attract a man. Eyes can have so much charisma and you really can see a lot in peoples eyes! When it comes to highlighting the eyes and get the best out of them, the lashes are the most important thing which is why mascara is so important for us women. With deep black mascara and beautifully curled and long lashes we get this intense look which can change our whole charisma.

Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with beautiful long natural lashes, including me. My lashes are extremely straight naturally and I was seriously suffering with it for years and years. Every time I curled my lashes and put mascara on I could literally watch the lashes falling down back in the natural straight position. It always felt like the mascara was too heavy for them. I tried a lot of different mascaras from low budget all the way up to luxury budget but it didn't changed a thing. I still remember the day a few years back when everything changed so easily! Click the continue reading button to find out how I keep my straight lashes curled all day long.

1. Use a high quality eyelash curler
Now this is a step you definitely not want to miss. Some people are afraid of eyelash curlers but trust me, you'll get used to it the more you use it! If you don't see a big difference after one time curling them, make sure to give it another try. I always curl them for two times before I jump on to the next step to achieve beautifully curled eyelashes.

2. Switch to waterproof mascara!
And this my lovely ladies, is the final and super easy step: Waterproof mascara! Yes, you heard right. I still can't believe it that I was struggling around with my straight eyelashes for so many years when the answer was so simple. Waterproof mascara is a bit different in the consistency which makes it not so heavy on the lashes and it dries a lot quicker, so it will also hold the curl faster in place as against normal mascara which needs more time to dry, so the curl has more time to fall back down in straight position. I've been using the L'Oreal Paris volume million lashes waterproof mascara for years now and couldn't be happier with my lashes now.

You should definitely give it a try!




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  6. Great tips! I find Dior overcurl iconic mascara and Benefit roller lash give a beautiful curl to the lashes and it last all day long!


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