August 7, 2016


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❝How to get thicker hair without extensions?❞ Well, the answer is quite simple and I have collected my top 5 tips for you today. Since I can remember I was obsessed with hair. I used to play around with my hair when I was super young and always braided it myself. I even learned to french braid my hair all by myself at a very young age but because I had really thin hair back then, I always did the hair of my girlfriends 'cause they had beautiful long and thick natural hair.

As the years were passing by and I got older, I experienced more and more with my hair and it strangely got thicker and thicker. Now I'm at a point where I couldn't be happier with my natural hair even though it literally went through hell the past couple of years. You can read more in this article where I was trying clip-in hair extensions for the first time ever. But in this article today, it's all about how to get thicker hair without extensions.
1. Bleach it!
I know you might think ''what?!'', but seriously, I always had the feeling my hair got even thicker after I bleached or colored it. I think it's because if you have really sleek and think hair, the bleach is going to rough it up which makes it appear and feel a lot thicker. I know it damages the hair but it's definitely a great tip if you want to add more texture to your hair. My mom has super smooth and thin hair which makes it hard for her to style it the way she likes it, but because she bleached it, she can work a lot better with it.

2. Get a layered haircut
I don't have layers in my hair anymore but I used to have for years and years and it really makes a huge difference. You don't have to have the layers right from the top of your hair down to the ends, just two or three layers in the ends and it will appear thicker, especially if you put your head upside down while blow drying! You'll probably have a flowing mane afterwards.

3. Avoid using conditioner and hair masks
If your hair is healthy and not bleached, you should try to avoid using hair conditioner and hair masks. It makes your hair really soft which gives the illusion of thinner hair at the end. I never ever used hair conditioner before I bleached my hair- only a volumizing shampoo and that's it!

4. Use a mixed bristle hair brush
A boar bristle brush not only improves hair texture and reduces frizz, it also makes your hair look a lot thicker, especially if you brush it with your head upside down. Also, try to not brush it down towards the ground- brush it away from your face for some extra volume!

5. Start using dry shampoo after washing your hair
You can take your dry shampoo routine to the next level: You don't only have to use it when your hair gets oily and greasy! Use it after you've washed and dried it to give it some extra volume, especially at the roots.

how to get thicker hair



  1. Great tips!! Thanks for sharing! xo

  2. Thanks for sharing, nice tips

  3. You've got such beautiful hair! Thanks for the tips.

  4. These are really great! The dry shampoo tip really works! Even though I'm lucky enough to have thick hair to start with, it does have a tendency to get heavy and flat between haircuts. The dry shampoo helps to lift up the roots perfectly.

    xo, Jo

  5. Oh I always want thicker hair! Thanks for the advice!

    xo Margaret |

  6. Thanks for sharing ! I also use Batiste dry shampoo, it's great.

    Romina |

  7. Thank you for the tips!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  8. I have thin hair too and I also add dry shampoo sometimes when I feel like I need more texture.

    Nice tips !!

  9. I disagree with the first point, as you already say, bleaching the hair damages it and thin hair suffers a lot from bleaching. However, coloring the hair once in a while should be ok. The other tips are nice though!


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