July 16, 2016


the truth about instagram
❞Instagram is not real life!❝ If you've read one of my previous articles where I was talking about the crazy Instagram game and why we get less and less likes, you already know my kind of perspective on that, so I highly recommend you to check it out first, if you haven't already. Since I have so much to tell and to talk about all things Instagram related I should probably start to do a series on it from now on. Today it's all about the truth behind a ''perfect'' Instagram feed.

Because I see more and more super young girls and boys on Instagram (which I actually think it's crazy, when I remember what I was doing with my life back when I was 11 or 12 years old...), I think it's important to talk about what's really important in life and why Instagram is not real life. Not every allegedly ''perfect'' Instagram picture is the way you see it, most of the pictures you see on Instagram are just perfectly set in the right light and so are mine. Of course it's not everything fake you see on there, don't get me wrong! But since Instagram is a platform to share your creativity and get to meet new interesting people with the same interests as yours in the first place, of course we all try to only show the best of the best. I only wanna share positive and creative content, because I want to inspire the people and not make them jealous of a ''oh so perfect life'' 'cause it's really not perfect. One quote I really like and which describes this quite well is ''You know my name, not my story.'' 

What it takes to achieve ''perfect'' Instagram pictures
Now, no matter how pretty and perfect one picture might is, there's always a lot of work behind the result. It's not that everyone with a ''perfect'' Instagram feed always takes 1-2 shots and it's immediately all good and ready to upload looking flawless and inspirational. That's just not how it works. There are so many different things you need to think of just as good natural lighting (which is probably the toughest thing), a suitable background, products you wanna feature, decor items or/and fresh flowers etc... After all these things are set, the struggle of actually trying to photograph the picture begins: 40,50 or even more pictures in different angles, lighting, arrangement are no rarity.

The mess behind it
So for this one, I can actually only speak for myself because I just don't know if I'm the only one or if it's just a typical 'taking Instagram shots problem' for everyone. I do think that I can't be the only one though, lol. There is always such a mess after a Instagram shooting session, it's crazy!!! And I'm not talking about selfies or OOTD's. I'm talking about flatlay's for example. You only see the ''perfect'' end result of each picture on Instagram but not the process it actually goes through. There are always laying around so many different products or decor items after shooting these pictures, it's such a mess. Sometimes I even have to rearrange my working table (which is quite light actually) to a place with better lighting. So there's basically stuff laying all around in my bedroom, a table standing right in the middle of it with loads and loads of different stuff on it as well. So yeah, it's always clean up time after that.

The struggle of choosing the right pictures for your feed
I am a perfectionist. I always have been, so it's super important to me to always stick to my theme and arrange my feed in a way, so it's perfect for me. If a picture which went through the whole process I was talking about above, but don't fit in my feed- I will not upload it. I either wait some days until it fits in but I also have a lot of pictures I've actually never posted and probably never will post. Yes, I sometimes go a little crazy when it comes to perfectionism, but as weird as it might sound, it's also always fun to play around with creativity. 




  1. Look maravilhoso amei

  2. That's so true. A good feed required a lot of work to do!!

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  4. you are doing an excellent work!


  5. These pictures are so lovely! Beautiful dress!


  6. Couldn't agree more with all the points! You've described exactly the behind the scene :)
    Love, Lucy


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