July 10, 2016


60 years marriage / diamantene hochzeit
❝60 years wedding anniversary!❞ Today is sunday, so I thought it might be the perfect time for a very special and personal article. This weekend has been very busy but super duper exciting for me. Probably the best weekend of my life. We celebrated the 60 years wedding anniversary from my beloved grandparents with them. Can we just take a moment and appreciate this number?! s-i-x-t-y years!!! I often ask myself if true love exists, but I only need to take one look at my grandparents and I know: True love DOES exist! I am so thankful to have them in my life and to see how much they love and appreciate each other every single day of their lives. 

They've been thru SO much together but never stopped loving each other which makes me so proud and happy but also a little sad on the other hand. You know why? Because I find it quite sad that life is so different now and it always feels like nobody appreciates love. It seems like so many people are just regardlessly jumping from one relationship into another as if it's just a game to play and have fun with... but nobody tries to look a little bit deeper in the future. Who will love and appreciate you when you're no longer young and beautiful? It's these things that really matter in life. We should all find someone we truly love, appreciate and can't live without. Someone, we can picture ourself to grow old with. Someone, who will help us showering when we can't do it fully on our own anymore. Someone, to go to the doctors appointments with and someone, we will love until we die. 



  1. Sweet.

  2. How sweet! This post put a smile on my face :)


    Tamara - LoveofMode.com

  3. it was a good event, when your grandaparents celebrate this. I agree with you and I think the same that a true love exist. It is so amazing post. I love similar post.



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