July 30, 2016


striped off shoulder top
❞Let's beat the heat!❝ We all know how exhausting hot summer days can be when you're not wearing the right things or just don't feel comfortable with what you're wearing. I personally don't like summer that much because my body just can't stand this extreme heat, so it's always important for me to dress wisely during summer. And with wisely I mean, knowing what suits you the best and what's the most comfortable for you.

Since the past couple of days have been super hot over here and I've kind of got into the struggle of choosing the right summer outfit again (basically like every year). I know you might think it's way too hot to wear skinny jeans in summer but I actually prefer wearing jeans instead of dresses in summer just because I hate the feeling of sweaty legs touching each other while sitting at a cafe or something. Might sound crazy to some of you, but it's just my personal opinion on that, lol.


July 28, 2016


edit instagram pictures like a pro
❝My Instagram editing secrets!❞ Uh.. Instagram... It's kind of a never ending story, isn't it? Everybody's talking about Instagram, it almost feels like it's the most important thing in the world, when it's really not. I highly recommend you reading this article where I was talking about the crazy Instagram game and why we should all take it not too seriously. This article today is for all those of you, who love Instagram because of it's creativity you can put into. For me personally, Instagram is the best place to be creative, to share what you love and to connect with others with same interests.

You might have heard about different ''Instagram themes'' haven't you? That's exactly what we are talking about. Well, kind of. If you take a look at my Instagram feed you probably notice right away that I have a recognizable theme going on and today I'm telling you all my secrets how I edit my Instagram pictures. It's basically all about the different Apps and the idea behind it. If you have an idea in mind, how you want your pictures to look like, it's not that difficult to come to an result you love.

July 26, 2016


fashionblogger streetstyle inspiration
❝Statement choker for any simple outfit.❞ If you've read one of my previous articles where I was talking about an super easy and inexpensive way to do your own DIY choker for under €3- you'll know that I really like this trend and today, we are taking it to a whole other level with this bombastic statement choker. I absolutely love dressing up any simple outfit with one big statement piece as an eye-catcher.

As you can see, this look is actually super simple with just some light washed high waisted jeans, simple plain white shirt and a white sheer blazer on top- but because of this big statement choker, it gives the whole look a total different appearance. It's all about playing with the power of accessories! You can seriously make every oh so simple look, appear much better only with statement accessories. It doesn't always has to be a statement necklace or statement jewelry in general, you can play around with statement bags, shoes and jackets for example.


July 23, 2016


H&M maxi dress
❞Wedding season 2016!❝ Being a guest at a summer wedding is such an honor, but actually not that easy when it comes to the outfit. Of course it has to be something glamorous and chic but it also should be comfortable. Well, at least for me. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your outfit on a beautiful day you really want to enjoy to the max. Especially in summer, all we want is staying comfortable, right? There are so many gorgeous dresses but only half of them is also comfortable to wear.

If you're invited to a wedding with no dress code you're definitely one of the lucky ones, because you can basically choose whatever you like the most and not have to worry about only searching for one specific theme. When I saw this beautiful chiffon maxi dress I fell in love in the first second. It's super comfortable to wear and the color is just perfect.


July 20, 2016


cocktail party dresses
❞It's cocktail party season!❝ I have to admit that I've actually never been to a proper cocktail party and so I had basically no idea what to wear, since I really wanna go sometime soon. I was doing a bit of research and found some beautiful cocktail dresses which I just needed to share with you. In case you're invited to a cocktail party soon, this article is definitely made for you!
If you've read one of my previous article where I was talking about my relationship with dresses and how it has changed, you'll know that I'm definitely a dress person now, so it's kind of hard for me to choose my favorite one of these six, but I think the first one has to be my absolute favorite. I really like the blush colored chiffon material in combination with the precious sparkling details around the waist.


July 18, 2016


silk scarf on bag
❝The hottest bag trend 2016.❞ So this is a trend I've been seeing all around social media lately. Tying a silk scarf around the handles of a bag to dress it up and make it unique. It' a perfect way to make an fashionable eye-catcher out of your bag (also great for plain bags, to make them stand out more) in just one simple step. It don't even has to be a super expensive silk scarf from Hermes. I can't even remember where I got mine from, it's really old but definitely serves the purpose. You just need to tie your silk scarf around the handles of your bag in a way you like it. You can either just do a simple knot or even a cute bow. 

Since mine was a little too big for a bow, I decided to just leave it like this but I'm definitely going to keep my eyes open for another silk scarf to play around with. I really like this trend, because it's just so easy to make an simple outfit stand out more. I know I didn't went that simple for this look, but if you're dressed in all black this little accessory will definitely look great to your look!

July 16, 2016


the truth about instagram
❞Instagram is not real life!❝ If you've read one of my previous articles where I was talking about the crazy Instagram game and why we get less and less likes, you already know my kind of perspective on that, so I highly recommend you to check it out first, if you haven't already. Since I have so much to tell and to talk about all things Instagram related I should probably start to do a series on it from now on. Today it's all about the truth behind a ''perfect'' Instagram feed.

Because I see more and more super young girls and boys on Instagram (which I actually think it's crazy, when I remember what I was doing with my life back when I was 11 or 12 years old...), I think it's important to talk about what's really important in life and why Instagram is not real life. Not every allegedly ''perfect'' Instagram picture is the way you see it, most of the pictures you see on Instagram are just perfectly set in the right light and so are mine. Of course it's not everything fake you see on there, don't get me wrong! But since Instagram is a platform to share your creativity and get to meet new interesting people with the same interests as yours in the first place, of course we all try to only show the best of the best. I only wanna share positive and creative content, because I want to inspire the people and not make them jealous of a ''oh so perfect life'' 'cause it's really not perfect. One quote I really like and which describes this quite well is ''You know my name, not my story.'' 

July 14, 2016


chic mini summer dress from VIPme
❝Let's get girly this summer!❞ If you're reading Trendique magazine for quite some time now, then you'll now that I actually didn't really liked dresses, especially girly dresses that much. But I actually told you in this article that my mind kind of changed on that. Now, almost one year later I'm actually loving girly dresses (see how our fashion sense can change through the years?) and especially my new favorite blush colored dress from VIPme. I love the detail on the back, which give it a more defined look I guess.

And we can not forget to talk about these super cute and chic ballet flats. Normally I don't really like wearing flats with dresses, since I have a flatfoot (don't laugh at me, please) I simply never liked how my feet look in flat shoes with bare legs. Since these ballet flats are quite sturdy, I feel like my foot has better hold in them, so it looks much better. Oh and good news: You can get $5 off your orders over $50 on VIPme with the code: M_SIVanessa31 - YAY!

July 12, 2016


Irresistible Me Hair Extensions
❞My first time trying hair extensions!❝ Today we are going to talk about the hair which is definitely my favorite topic ever! I always loved playing around with my hair, trying out all different kind of hairstyles and stuff... I even did my own hair every single day back when I was still going to primary school. I was such a girly girl when it comes to my hair! So let's get started: I have to say that I'm really really blessed with my natural hair. It's super long and also quite thick even though it basically went through hell the past couple of years in terms of coloring, bleaching etc. I think that's one thing I got from my dad, 'cause he's got really great hair as well. 

Since I always had long hair I never really needed to try hair extensions but I actually always wanted to try it, just to see how it would look. I knew it wouldn't make a difference in length but I really wanted to add some extra thickness. When I found out about Irresistible Me I knew that's the brand I wanted to try out. They're having a great selection of 100% real human hair clip-in extensions and also a great color variety to choose from. So there's basically something for everyone.

July 10, 2016


60 years marriage / diamantene hochzeit
❝60 years wedding anniversary!❞ Today is sunday, so I thought it might be the perfect time for a very special and personal article. This weekend has been very busy but super duper exciting for me. Probably the best weekend of my life. We celebrated the 60 years wedding anniversary from my beloved grandparents with them. Can we just take a moment and appreciate this number?! s-i-x-t-y years!!! I often ask myself if true love exists, but I only need to take one look at my grandparents and I know: True love DOES exist! I am so thankful to have them in my life and to see how much they love and appreciate each other every single day of their lives. 

They've been thru SO much together but never stopped loving each other which makes me so proud and happy but also a little sad on the other hand. You know why? Because I find it quite sad that life is so different now and it always feels like nobody appreciates love. It seems like so many people are just regardlessly jumping from one relationship into another as if it's just a game to play and have fun with... but nobody tries to look a little bit deeper in the future. Who will love and appreciate you when you're no longer young and beautiful? It's these things that really matter in life. We should all find someone we truly love, appreciate and can't live without. Someone, we can picture ourself to grow old with. Someone, who will help us showering when we can't do it fully on our own anymore. Someone, to go to the doctors appointments with and someone, we will love until we die. 


July 8, 2016


Summer garden party

❞Chic garden party.❝ For me, one of the best things about summer are definitely nice garden party's with family and friends. Nothing better than beautiful weather, the idyllic view, lovely people and of course we can not forget about the food. I am always the most excited about the BBQ grill and the polish potato salad my mom makes. YUM!

Since you guys seemed to like these themed collage articles, the last time I was talking about 'what to wear to the beach', I decided to create these on a daily bases from now on. Today it's all about the chic garden party and two outfit ideas I've created for you. As you can see, there are only one pair of shoes, bag and sunglasses- and that's because you can kind of mix and match these pieces together what fits the best for you. If it's a more casual garden party, I would recommend going for the comfy ripped jeans and off shoulder top

July 6, 2016


off shoulder nakd top
❝The choker trend.❞ Now, I have to admit that I'm not really a DIY person but this one is so freaking easy that even I got excited about it. Let's start with a funny story first how I even got into this DIY: I was at this huge crafting supplies store with my mom to find some stuff she needed to create a present for someone. I was wondering around all of the different isles and somehow find this huge wall with all kinds of ribbons. Every color, every material and every width.

I was kind of impressed and basically stared at the wall for a little while, lol. When I was looking at all the black satin ribbons, the brainwave hit. I thought, why not create a choker with these perfect ribbons?! I've been wanting a choker for quite some time now but never wanted to pa a lot of money for a good one so I just decided to make my own for under €3.

July 4, 2016


instagram likes
❞Oh dear Instagram...❝ First things first and to put a little disclaimer on the beginning of this article: Instagram is not real life and it doesn't make anyone a better or cooler person just because they might have more likes and followers- those are just irrelevant numbers which don't define someone as a person. Instagram is for creativity and fun! With that being said, let's jump right into this article. I love Instagram. I really do!

July 2, 2016


fleurs de paris berlin
❝Off shoulder for summer!❞ If you like it fresh and airy during summer, you are probably going to love oversized off shoulder blouses as much as I do. They are so comfortable and stylish that you seriously can't go wrong with them! You probably know that I never really liked off shoulder until this summer when it became one of the biggest trends this season. What I love about this blouse is that the sleeves are super oversized which makes it very airy and comfortable. And of course we can not forget about the super cute knot detail!

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