June 14, 2016


how to be a girlboss
❝Stay focused & be a #Girlboss!❞ Having an own business, an own company always sounds so cool, interesting and fun... but it really is a lot of hard work. A lot of work just for yourself. There is nobody who will do it for you, there is nobody you can ask to do it for you. The whole responsibility is basically on your shoulders- you are in charge of anything. 

When you're having your own business or you are planning to start your own business, there are definitely going to come some times where you're not as motivated as you were before or it's just hard to stay focused. I bet every successful entrepreneur has gone through this! It's just a part of this whole adventure- it's not easy to be successful with your own business, but there are some tips and tricks you can do to stay more focused while working for your own business.

B E  I N S P I R E D
This is probably the most important part of being motivated when working for your own business. You should always feel inspired! Make sure your work space is somewhere where you feel comfortable and happy. There's nothing worse than working somewhere you don't want to be or you just can't get a free mind. If you're having you own office, you should always decorate it the way you like it the most. Put some inspiring magazines beside you, buy some fresh flowers (I feel like I can work best with some fresh flowers standing right beside me) or simply burn your favorite scented candle. There are so many options you can choose, it just depends on what you like!

B E L I E V E  I N  Y O U R S E L F
Believing in yourself can be so incredibly hard, especially when it seems like nothing is working out. You just need to realize that if you really really want to achieve something and you're ready to give it all you've got, nobody can stop you from doing it, except yourself. This is the point, where the struggle can get so real that you basically stop yourself from doing it which is totally the wrong way to go. In these kind of situations you should always ask yourself these questions: Who am I? What do I want to achieve? What is my dream? Where do I want to be in 5 years? After answering these questions you should feel a lot more confident to get back on track and believe in yourself.

L O V E  W H A T  Y O U  D O
This might sound so cheesy I know... but it's true! If you're just doing something because you saw someone else doing great in it, it's totally the wrong way to go. This person is probably really passionate about what he/she is doing and if you are not loving it from heart, you're not going to be as successful as them. Easy as that! So always, always choose a career you love and you are passionate about.

S E T  G O A L S
There is no better feeling than achieving a goal you set yourself, doesn't matter how small it was, a goal is a goal and achieving feels so good! Try to always set some goals you can work towards to. You can set small or big goals, just remember to keep them realistic. Writing your goals down is actually proven to increase the odds of achieving them, so take a piece of paper and a pen and write down your goals!

S T A Y  A W A Y  F R O M  N E G A T I V I T Y
If you want to stay focused on your own business you should definitely avoid all kinds of negativity. Negativity will bring you nowhere, especially when you want to be successful. If you feel a little negative one day, put some music on that lifts your spirits, avoid people who exude negativity and keep your circle small with positive people. You have no idea how much of a difference that makes!

C H A N G E  T H I N G S  U P
One reason to not being able to fully focus on your business anymore can be that you're kind of feel like you're stuck in this rut of doing the same everyday... To get out of this rut, change things up! Maybe rebuild your website, make a new design, develop some new ideas...etc. Just be creative.

R E C H A R G E  &  T A K E  A  B R E A K 
If nothing of that helps you to stay more focused, you should recharge yourself and take a little break. This doesn't mean you have to shut down your business- you can simply take a weekend off, don't do anything work related and get yourself together. Spend it with people you love the most, to what makes you happy, eat good, stay inspired and don't think too much!




  1. Thank you for this article very inspiring

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  3. Excellent tips! I know it seems strange but right now I have a bit too much on my plate and taking a break to recharge would be great.

    Nati | Zoya Giveaway @ Polished Polyglot

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  6. Monisima con esa blusita de rayas, ideal para el día a día.


  7. These are such great tips! I think it's so important to love what you do and be passionate about it because like you said there can be times when you feel like nothing is working but if you love it and are being fulfilled that is what matters!

    xo Bryn

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  10. Interresting post!

  11. Wow, love the tips. Some of them are already known, but I learnt a lot new tricks. Thanks for the great post!


  12. This was a fun post to read, great tips!

  13. I totally agree with you girl! I would say love what you do & believe in yourself is the most important because as long as you love what you do and enjoy the journey you will get to your goal :)

  14. Thank you for this post! The recharge part can be hard though. When you do what you love and do it independently you probably don't stop thinking about work.. at least that's my problem!

    Malin | Spark&Bark


  15. Thank you so much for these tipps, staying focused can be hard sometimes.

  16. Love this post! Those are the steps for success!!



  17. thanks for sharing these!

  18. This is awesome, love how encouraging you are of being your own #girlboss! Responsibility is tough but it's so rewarding to see and look at what you have built. I really like your tips on changing things up and believing in yourself!

    Characters & Carry-ons

  19. Such great tips - completely agree with staying away from negativity, nothing hinders progress more.

  20. I love it and actually I need to read this kind of post, seriously, sometimes I don't know how to be a business woman at full time. Kisses from Barcelona! xx


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