May 6, 2016


❝Sun is up!❞ Since spring time is now officially here, the days are getting longer an the sun is finally up on a daily bases- we need to talk about eyewear. Protecting eyewear to be more precisely. I actually never knew how important it is to protect your eyes the right way from the sun. Sun can really damage your eyes so we need to make sure we have UV-blocking sunglasses.

Find the  p e r f e c t  pair of #sunnies for your face.
Next thing you want to think of is the style of sunglasses you need to go for. It is actually not that easy 'cause you have to see what style fits your face shape the best but once you know your face shape and what suits you best it's super easy. There are a view little tips that can help you out a lot when finding the perfect sunglasses for your face type.

Find your face shape!

S Q U A R E   F A C E   S H A P E
If you have a square face shape you are actually quite lucky 'cause you can wear a lot different shapes of sunglasses. The best ones for you are those with a curvier shape just like cat-eyes, pilot or butterfly shapes.

O V A L   F A C E   S H A P E
Congratulations! You are the luckiest of the all and you don't really need to worry about the perfect shape. Just go for what you like most and you think suits you the most.

R O U N D   F A C E   S H A P E
I would suggest to avoid rounded sunglasses as your face will appear even rounder then. Go try some  with a frame wider than your face and opt for angular silhouettes.

H E A R T   F A C E   S H A P E
A cat-eye is going to look great on you! If you have a really pointed chin you should try a rectangular frame since it's supposed to balance out a pointed chin.

Good Luck! ❤︎



  1. Great and very helpful post:)

  2. Love this post! I personally love my round sunglasses even though I have a round face (but very sharp cheekbones) I'm looking for a sharp cat-shaped sunglasses though! They look amazing!

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  3. Ooo this is super helpful! I always have a really hard time finding sunnies that suit my face. Now I know what to look out for!
    x Emily

  4. Oh, I love those sunglasses!


  5. I love hexagon sunglasses!

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  7. This sunglasses are lovely. We just orders one round and one aviator.

  8. These sunglasses are all so pretty!

  9. Nice style :)

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  11. I'm getting crazy, love them all! <3


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