May 24, 2016


❞My TOP designer must have bags 2016.❝ I think every girl or woman is a little bagaholic at heart. Don't you think so? I for sure am. I still can remember the day I got my very first designer bag (which is actually not even that long ago) it felt so surreal going into a luxury designer boutique and actually buying something! I bet everyone who got their first designer bag can relay to that. For me personally, designer bags should be always something really special and not something you buy on a daily bases. It just totally looses it's personal value to me then.

Buying a #designer bag!
I honestly think that even if I had the money, I wouldn't buy a new designer bag every other week or so and I just can't believe how some girls can buy a brand new Chanel bag which they ''love so much'' and it's the bag they ''always wanted so bad''... and then, after a month they already get the next designer bag. Now, I don't want to offend anyone, of course it's great if you have that much money, but I just think those designer bags should always be something very special.



  1. I totally agree... designer bags are a special treat. I will always remember my first one and even as my collection has grown, it's still a very carefully selection collection. Love these bag picks, especially that Miu Miu.

    xo, alison*elle

  2. Obsessed with all of these bags, I wish I could buy them all ha ha. Thanks for sharing! BTW, I just started following you on Instagram and your feed is so pretty!!!

    stay styled,


    IG: stay_styled

  3. Great picks! I want them ALL!! Lol. And I totally agree with you, when getting a designer bag, I would have to go with something classic and timeless so I won't get tired of it too fast :)

    xo Raina

  4. Great selection! Really love these pastell colors.
    xo Julia

  5. Love your picks!

    xo, Maria

  6. Excuse me while I go rob a bank to by them all! hahah!

    They're so pretty though...


    Tamara -

  7. Beautiful photos and the best style ever xx

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