May 17, 2016


Instagram thoughts
❝Instagram is not real life!❞ Instagram... I really love this platform but I hate it at the same time. I love it for it's beautiful creativity, that we all can share what we love and what we enjoy the most but I hate it for it's superficiality. Of course, everyone prefers to only show the beautiful things in their life and so do I but we should remember that Instagram is not real life and that only because someone has a beautiful Instagram feed, it doesn't mean that their personal life is always that beautiful. Instagram is a creative platform for us, who love creating beautiful and creative content but we should all realize, that there is so much more in our life than a beautifully captured Instagram picture.

Don't  f o r g e t  to have #fun!
Now, this is something really important and I think some of us tend to forget this sometimes. We should always remember to have fun with Instagram. Of course, Instagram is also part of the business for some of us and so it is for me but still, enjoying it and having fun with what you are doing is so important. So my tip would definitely be to not take Instagram too seriously, always try to be yourself and have fun with sharing your pictures. Also: I wanna take this opportunity and thank you all for over 12k followers on my Instagram. I really do appreciate it! If you're not following me already, share some love HERE @thetrendique.



  1. Couldn’t agree more with this! Your feed is beautiful!

  2. Instagram is not real life! So true! We often get so caught up in the images we and start to compare our lives with others.

  3. Great photos, love the Chanel logo art on your coffee! The roses are lovely...

    The Flower Duet

  4. Agreed!! I actually just mentioned on instagram the other day how it's basically my job to make my instagram look fun and exciting, but there have definitely been days where I've posted a caption with exclamation marks and emojis, while actually have a really bad day. LOVE your instagram feed, by the way! <3

  5. i love instagram...just for inspiration alone!

  6. Wow! You said it perfectly sweetie. IG is not real life. I think so many people get caught up in thinking that other people have perfect lives because of their IG when that couldn't be farther from the truth. Such an awesome article sweetie. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I'm sure many people agree.

  7. Love this and I think you said it all! I even catch myself getting jealous of people's lives because of their IG feeds sometimes and I have to remind myself that they are just showing you what they want to show you! :) Great post!
    xx Annie

  8. nice pics

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  10. So try about Instagram, it's so easy to forget that it's only a small part of people lives we get to see. Nobody's perfect, it's important to remember that :)

  11. great post ! i love instagram too but its important to remember that its not real life. great pictures too! :)


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