May 30, 2016


spring summer outfit inspiration
❞The perfect summer flats.❝ It's almost the beginning of June which means summer is like suuuper close (actually, it's been really hot these past couple of days, so it already feels like summer) and it's basically the last chance to get that closet summer ready! Well, at least for me, it's every single year the same struggle: Finding the perfect summer shoes. I think we all know this problem, when you really wanna wear that cute printed summer dress with these new high heels you just got but it's just way too uncomfortable to walk around in heels all day at like 30°C. Flat shoes are much needed!!! 

The #struggle is real!
It sounds so obvious that flat shoes are much needed... but honestly guys, it's easier said than done. At least for me. Every single year around this time I'm struggling around trying to find the perfect summer flats which look nice and are comfortable to walk in the whole day. It's always so hard to find the perfect combination of pretty and comfortable when it come to flat summer shoes. This year, I am happy to say that I found my personal dream summer flats. They're black, with silver chains, a little bit Chanel inspired, comfortable, and for an unbelievable price!


May 26, 2016


sporty chic outfit with peonies
❝Why my peonies failed to fully bloom...❞ Happy peony season! If you are following me on Instagram (here) or if you've read my penultimate article (here), then you should've already noticed that I'm obsessed with peonies. I truly wished they would bloom all year long but sadly, it's only peony season from mid-May to early June which is kind of frustrating, isn't it? Every year at this time I get super excited (sometimes I even get a little too excited I have to admit...) to get my fresh peonies. I always try to pick the most beautiful ones which I think are going to bloom very nicely.

Don't cut off the leaves from #peonies!
This time I made a huge mistake with my peonies... Little prehistory: I always cut off the leaves from roses just because they are always soo many on one rose and I don't want all the leaves hanging in the water 'cause it gets super slimy then. Well, long story short, out of a habit I got rid of almost all the leaves on my peonies to figure out afterwards, that peonies actually need their leaves as food. Which is probably why my peonies don't fully blossomed. Anyway, they're still beautiful and I definitely learned my lesson for the next peonies!


May 24, 2016


❞My TOP designer must have bags 2016.❝ I think every girl or woman is a little bagaholic at heart. Don't you think so? I for sure am. I still can remember the day I got my very first designer bag (which is actually not even that long ago) it felt so surreal going into a luxury designer boutique and actually buying something! I bet everyone who got their first designer bag can relay to that. For me personally, designer bags should be always something really special and not something you buy on a daily bases. It just totally looses it's personal value to me then.

Buying a #designer bag!
I honestly think that even if I had the money, I wouldn't buy a new designer bag every other week or so and I just can't believe how some girls can buy a brand new Chanel bag which they ''love so much'' and it's the bag they ''always wanted so bad''... and then, after a month they already get the next designer bag. Now, I don't want to offend anyone, of course it's great if you have that much money, but I just think those designer bags should always be something very special.


May 22, 2016


spring outfit inspiration
❝Happy flower girl.❞ I think I already mentioned this in some previous articles but I'm such a flower girl. Especially around this time of the year I just have to have fresh flowers every week. I know it can get super expensive and that's why I actually tried fake flowers before... but... well, it's just not the same thing. If you love flowers as much as I do, you'll know what I'm talking about. Fresh flowers always make me so incredibly happy every time I look at them. And another good thing: They look absolutely beautiful in pictures!

Are you a #flowergirl ?
Right now I have some gorgeous peonies standing right beside me and the smell makes me feel so relaxed. But enough rambled about flowers, although I could seriously talk about flowers all day long... Back to the main topic of this article: The outfit. It's not even officially summer but it really gets kind of hot over here these past couple of days which makes it already kind of difficult to pick the right outfit. I've been seeing so many girls on the streets wearing little summer dresses with flip flops but honestly, I still want to wear some spring looks before I hop onto the summer train! Which is why I decided to go with a heavily distressed jeans to get some more fresh air, lol.


May 19, 2016


adidas superstars
❞I used to hate them, now I love them.❝ If you are reading the Trendique or following me on Instagram, then you'll definitely now that I'm a sneaker girl. Of course, I'm a woman and I love beautiful high heels but... let's be honest... for a daily bases, sneakers are just way more practical! Since my feet are super slim, like seriously slim, I tend to have problem when buying sneakers so I always prefer to get them in the child section as they are a bit slimmer there (it's also a nice tip if you want to save up some money: just get them in the child section, they're a lot cheaper and sometimes they even have shoes up to size EU40). 

#Adidas or #Nike ?
This is such a difficult question and I think I can't answer... I definitely love them both. As you've already read above, I used to hat the Adidas Superstars. Every time I tried them on I just felt like they don't suit me. Well, as so many trends in the fashion world, I got convinced by all the girls wearing them. I literally saw them e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e so I had to give them another chance. I'm glad I did 'cause now I absolutely love them!


May 17, 2016


Instagram thoughts
❝Instagram is not real life!❞ Instagram... I really love this platform but I hate it at the same time. I love it for it's beautiful creativity, that we all can share what we love and what we enjoy the most but I hate it for it's superficiality. Of course, everyone prefers to only show the beautiful things in their life and so do I but we should remember that Instagram is not real life and that only because someone has a beautiful Instagram feed, it doesn't mean that their personal life is always that beautiful. Instagram is a creative platform for us, who love creating beautiful and creative content but we should all realize, that there is so much more in our life than a beautifully captured Instagram picture.

Don't  f o r g e t  to have #fun!
Now, this is something really important and I think some of us tend to forget this sometimes. We should always remember to have fun with Instagram. Of course, Instagram is also part of the business for some of us and so it is for me but still, enjoying it and having fun with what you are doing is so important. So my tip would definitely be to not take Instagram too seriously, always try to be yourself and have fun with sharing your pictures. Also: I wanna take this opportunity and thank you all for over 12k followers on my Instagram. I really do appreciate it! If you're not following me already, share some love HERE @thetrendique.


May 14, 2016


crop top with high waisted jeans
❞How to wear a crop top even if you don't have a trained six pack.❝ It's just this unpleasant thing with crop tops... Well, at least for me. I have seriously never ever worn a crop top until now. Not because I didn't liked them, but I just always felt a little uncomfortable with my belly whenever I tried one on. So I kind of just tried to avoid this trend these past seasons, but because I feel like crop tops are bigger than ever this season, I thought I should give it another try.

Get back on  t r a c k  with a little #AbWorkout.
Now, to make one thing clear: You don't have to have the toughest trained sick pack to wear a crop top. If you have a kind of flat tummy naturally, you should be fine. And if not, just try to get back on track with a little 5 minute ab workout. For me personally, crop tops are made for high waisted pants or skirts, so unless you have a super flat and trained sick pack, you should avoid low raise pants with crop tops.


May 12, 2016


❝Baby pink or baby blue...?❞ Spring, oh spring. Why are you so beautiful? I think I mentioned it some times before (lol...) but I am absolutely obsessed with spring season. I don't need a crazy summer heatwave, I just need sunny and pleasant spring weather and beautiful spring clothes. What about you? Don't you think that these two are the most beautiful clothes for spring time?

Team #babypink or Team #babyblue ?
I honestly couldn't decide what I love more. Sometimes I feel like baby pink and sometimes I feel like baby blue. It all depends on the mood so I'm basically team #both, lol. Those two pastel colors are definitely the two trend colors for 2016 and I truly wished that my closet would only exist of baby blue and baby pink for now. The good news: You don't actually have to decide between these two, you can easily combine them together in one look. Baby blue heels, jeans and baby pink blouse or top and bag and voila!


May 10, 2016


❞The perfect affordable silver jewelries.❝ Jewelry. It's always a kind of annoying topic for me. Well, at least when it comes to buying jewelry. I'm a woman and we obviously love sparkly, pretty and expensive jewelry BUT we don't really want to spend that much money on a bracelet or ring. At least I don't. I always found it quite hard to find really nice jewelry for an affordable price, so I basically just tried to avoid it. Until I found the jewelry brand which is basically made for my personal jewelry dreams I always had.

Je w e l r y  don't have to be #expensive!
Have you ever heard of LunaPyxis jewelry? No? Well then, thank me later! They have the most beautiful and affordable jewelry for a really nice quality. Some of the pieces are designer inspired and some of them are their beautiful own designs. I basically fell in love with everything from the site, it's totally my style and I'm seriously having so much fun with my #armparties now. I'm so happy that I finally found some perfect silver jewelries (they do have gold and rose gold as well though) to pair with my beloved sporty chic looks.


May 6, 2016


❝Sun is up!❞ Since spring time is now officially here, the days are getting longer an the sun is finally up on a daily bases- we need to talk about eyewear. Protecting eyewear to be more precisely. I actually never knew how important it is to protect your eyes the right way from the sun. Sun can really damage your eyes so we need to make sure we have UV-blocking sunglasses.

Find the  p e r f e c t  pair of #sunnies for your face.
Next thing you want to think of is the style of sunglasses you need to go for. It is actually not that easy 'cause you have to see what style fits your face shape the best but once you know your face shape and what suits you best it's super easy. There are a view little tips that can help you out a lot when finding the perfect sunglasses for your face type.

May 4, 2016


❞The perfect jeans for 10€?❝ Today we are talking about money. Money is definitely a really big topic nowadays, that's for sure. Everything get's more expensive but no one gives us more money to afford all those expensive things. I am constantly on a hunt for bargains or great sale finds. I mean, come on girly, there's no better feeling than scoring something you really wanted for a great price! 

Keep your  e y e s  #open for the big Bargains!
As the title of this article is already saying, just because something is cheap, or let's say more inexpensive, it's not always meant to be low quality. Trust me, I experienced it so many times that I got something more expensive and the quality was really shitty. Now, let's come to the main topic of this article: Jeans. I know that most of the people always like to spend more many on expensive jeans but I personally always want to spend as little as possible on my jeans, lol. I know that might sound crazy to you but I never want to pay more than 50€ for a pair of jeans or pants in general. I guess you can imagine my face when I saw that these skinny high waisted jeans are only 10€. I've been loving them so far, wearing them constantly and am really surprised of the quality!


May 2, 2016


Pink barbie coat
❝Barbie pink for a great mood.❞ I know, this is totally a cliche. Pink clothing + blonde hair = barbie doll. I bet it's not the first time for you hearing this, right? Well, it's basically the story of my life. Anytime I would wear something that is pink someone would make a comment about me looking like a barbie. Of course those comments weren't always meant to be negative, but if you're a blonde you'll know that it get's kinda annoying when you always get confronted with the barbie doll (nothing against barbie though, I love barbie).

A l w a y s  wear #pink with confidence!
After I got frustrated over this and kind of tried to avoid wearing pink clothing for a while (even though I actually loved it) I finally came to the decision that it's not the best thing to stop wearing something just because of the fear what others might think of it. As a woman (and man of course) you should always feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. You should feel confident in what you are wearing even if it's something different, or something new. We are all different and special in our own way and that's a beautiful thing. I know it takes some courage to step out of your comfort zone but trust me, it feels so good!

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