April 28, 2016


❞...found my dream sneakers.❝ Today I wanna talk with you about my favorite fashion topic right now. Sneakers! I always been a sneaker girl but lately, my love for sneakers is on a whole other level. My collection is honestly not that big (yet) but I only had those sporty kind of sneakers which you can't really combine with a more elegant or girly look. Well, of course you can but I was searching for something more girly, something which is more me.

#Glitter  s n e a k e r s  for  the win!
In these Bullboxer sneakers I finally found my girly dream sneaker. I actually don't know why I haven't had Bullboxer shoes for such a long time since I used to love this brand a few years back because they have shoes for slim feet. Random fact: I always had the slimmest feet you can imagine which makes shoe shopping not really easy. Most of the shoes are just simply too wide for my feet. In Bullboxer I found a brand which is perfect for my slim feet and I feel like the shoes are personally made for my feet. 


April 24, 2016


Chic and elegant outfit
❝It's cherry blossom season again!❞ After the crazy april weather there always comes my second favorite time of the year (after christmas time). Cherry blossom season. Isn’t it such a girls dream to have these beautiful pink cherry blossoms everywhere around you? Well not everywhere… but at least at some places. I am lucky enough to have cherry blossom trees at quite a few different places in my neighborhood. I honestly wished there were only pink trees all year long… Who needs green trees when you can have pink cherry blossoms?!

Who else is a #cherry blossom g i r l?
I have already planned quite a few different looks to shoot in company with the cherry blossoms and today I’m showing you the first and my personal favorite one. If you read my previous articles then you know that I’m totally into casual and sporty looks lately, but for this beautiful location I just had to wear something chic and elegant. Jumpsuits are still a big trend, a really comfortable trend actually. I love jumpsuits (especially the black ones) because they are really comfortable and so easy to combine. You don’t have to think about what shirt and what pants to wear - you just throw on the jumpsuit and maybe a blazer on top and you are good to go.


April 20, 2016


❞What I'm currently craving...❝ Spring shopping is honestly not the easiest thing to do especially here in the middle of Europe. The weather tends to change a lot which is kind of annoying. One day it's super cold and windy, almost like winter and the other day it get's warm and sunny so you basically never know what to wear or what to shop for spring.

Choose wisely & s t i c k to #versatile pieces.
I find that it's the best to focus on versatile pieces which you can transform from cooler into warmer weather. A dress a skirt for example: When it's cooler you can wear it with some tights, a coat and some heeled booties and for warmer weather you can just pair it with a light blazer or denim jacket, some sneakers (if it's a casual dress) or pumps and a great pair of sunglasses. It's actually not as hard as we might think - we just have to choose wisely.


April 18, 2016


Staying comfortable yet chic.Lately, it's been all about casual daytime wearable looks for me. I just didn't felt like dressing up but still wanted to look kind of ''put together'' if you know what I mean. When it comes to the daytime I'm definitely a sneaker girl so I knew I had to find a basic combination which allows me to wear sneakers but still have this chic touch.

Long coat & #sneakers.
Whenever I wear sneakers, I like to pair them with a pair of black skinny leggings and a long sleeve shirt just because it's so comfortable. With that you basically have a perfect basis to add some key pieces as accessories. I like to focus on the bag, sunglasses and the jacket or coat to dress up the look.  A fashionable long coat, my favorite pair of black sunglasses and a small little cross body bag is the perfect combination for me.


April 9, 2016


Daniel Wellington Watch
❞When the sun goes down...❝ I know that it's already spring time and you are probably thinking this is more like a wintery outfit (and I totally agree with that!) but since I wanted to catch the beautiful sunlight when the sun goes down it was already the early evening when we were shooting this look so it was getting quite cold. The good thing about this look though: You can easily transform it into a spring look.

Back to #black.
Black might not be the perfect color for spring and I actually prefer lighter and brighter colors for spring b u t it's still the beginning for spring so I think it's o.k to wear black again. And... we all know that black is always a good idea! If it's a little warmer where you live you can only focus on that chunky knit turtleneck and forget about that fur vest. For shoes I decided to go for these black loafers which are perfect for spring time because they are obviously a little open but not too much like a flipflop, if you know what I mean. 


April 6, 2016


Chanel inspired blazer Zara
You can never be overdressed.Hats... It's kind of a love-hate relationship with me and the hats. Maybe some of you can relay to that but I always feel a little ''over the top'' and overdressed whenever I wear a hat. Especially a floppy hat like this one. I don't know what it is, I mean, it's just a hat?! But it's always a huge overcoming for me and I definitely need to step out of my comfort zone. Sounds kind of crazy 'cause we're talking about a hat, I know.

Wear  #w h a t e v e r  you want to wear!
Why wouldn't you wear something you actually like just because you're wondering what other people might think of you? That's the question I'm always asking myself. Do I have an answer to that? No! I just don't know and I think it's kind of sad. At the end of the day we should feel comfortable in what we are wearing and not feeling ashamed or uncomfortable just because we might not dress like others might wanna see us.


April 3, 2016


Sporty Streetstyle with Nike Air Max 90
❞Comfortable during the day!❝ So this is definitely something I have never shown on The Trendique before. You can call it ''the real me'', lol! Honestly I have always thought about showing you something super sporty and casual what you can perfectly wear during the day but I always thought this is might not that interesting for all you fashionistas. Well, as you can see, today I took the opportunity to show you what I love to wear on a normal day during the week.

I'm a #Sneaker girl!
As much as I love to dress up all feminine and elegant, I actually prefer a casual sporty look for a daily bases. It's just way more comfortable and perfect for the city 'cause you can literally run around the whole day without having to worry about your feet might get hurt because of heels. One thing I always like to do is to add one fashionable key piece to bring at least a little bit fashion back into the sporty look. For this look I chose to go with my favorite long cardigan which is not only super comfortable, it really keeps you warm as well.

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