March 31, 2016


❝Let's clear up that skin!❞ Today, it's all about that skin care. Especially for you girls (or boys!) suffering from acne, I have something prepared! I know out of personal experience that it's definitely not the easiest job to handle acne and get it under control, but there are some really good products which can help you out a lot.

Choose wisely & know your #skin type!
One of the most important things I've learnt throughout the years is to change the place where I was buying all my facial products. When I was younger, I used to always buy whatever I found at the drugstore to cleanse my face until I realized it's probably not the best decision. If you have difficult and acne prone skin you should definitely consider buying your skin care at a pharmacy instead. Pharmacy might not sound very interesting, I know! But what about an online pharmacy where you can even save up some money? Sounds a lot better, huh? Check out my new go-to online pharmacy HERE.

March 28, 2016


Mint green suede effect jacket zara
Spring is in the air...Ahh, spring... These past two days were absolutely beautiful. Over 10 degrees and the sun was shining almost all day long. Feels so incredibly good to go out without a big winter coat and enjoy this beautiful sunny weather. It really changes my mood every time the sun comes out! But enough said about the weather - I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter sunday with your loved ones! xo

M i n t green for #spring
Mint green is definitely a color I have never worn before because I simply wasn't sure how it will go together with light blonde hair... And, I guess I never really found something in mint green that I really liked! It's kind of a new color to me when it comes to clothing. This jacket really stole my heart though... The cut, the color and the material. I've been seeing so many different things made out of suede lately! Suede is definitely a new trend to keep up with.


March 24, 2016


NAKD oversized coat streetstyle
❝It's fashion!❞ This is something totally new for me cause I've only worn a long coat once in my life before and I honestly never thought I would actually get another one at some point. I've been seeing long coats all over social media lately and they always looked amazing on all the girls but I always felt like they don't suit me that much. After being a little bit down thinking that this trend is just not made for me I saw this gorgeous long coat online, immediately fell in love with the cut and the color and thought why not give it another try. 

Step  o u t  of  your  #fashion  comfort zone!
I definitely needed to step out of my comfort zone again for this coat just because it is something that I'm not wearing normally but hey, sometimes you have to try new things and see if you like them. What I can say about long coats is that you immediately feel ten times more fashionable when throwing on a super long coat. Don't know why but it has just something really cool and sophisticated on it. Well, at least it gives us the illusion.


March 22, 2016


Acne Coverage
❝Cover it up!❞ Today we are talking about a very important beauty topic which is interesting especially for younger girls, but also adults are suffering from it. I've been dealing with bad acne and blemishes since I'm about eleven or twelve years old so I know exactly what I'm talking about. I tried so many different things in the past to clear up my skin and I have to say that now with twenty one, my skin is a lot better but still not perfect. I will definitely share my tips and tricks on how to get rid of acne and blemishes sometime soon but today we are talking about acne coverage and how to achieve a better skin finish.

Let's get #s t a r t e d!
First things first. I know how hard it is to get rid of acne and blemishes in general but having a good routine on how to cover it up will help you a lot with your confidence! I still remember how desperate I was 'cause I felt like nobody can help me and the internet was not as it is today, so if I can at least help one single person with this article, it was definitely worth it!

March 18, 2016


❞Getting the spring wardrobe ready!❝ I am always the most excited about spring time especially when it comes to fashion. I think you can create the best outfits for spring because the weather is not too cold and not too hot which is exactly what I need. I could actually have spring all year long! You might have already noticed it because of my previous shopping list but I am absolutely addicted to nude and rosy pastels for this spring season. And what better occasion to wear pastels than spring time?

Play around with #cuts and #textures
You can actually play around with pastels quite good. All pastels? No problem! Let's leave the #allblack behind and try out something new this spring. And let's be honest: Spring is not about dark colors and all black. Spring is about light and happy colors! If you want to go for a all pastel look you can play around with different cuts, textures and materials. M i x & m a t c h is the key!

Happy Shopping! xo 

March 15, 2016


Pink Bomber Jacket Streetstyle
❝Bomber jacket addiction.Well yes, what can I say... My bomber jacket addiction got even stronger when I saw this dusty pink one. It was love at first sight, definitely! Funny s t o r y aside: I actually didn't wanted to go in that store and my mom was like ''Why? We should go in there!' And I was like ''No... don't think I'll find anything in there...'' Then we passed the store and I was randomly looking to the left and saw a whole rack full of bomber jackets in every color you can imagine!!! I stopped for a second, went in and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the affordable price. Of course I had to get at least two in different colors. And girls, even if you don't like a particular store that much... always give it a try if you're searching for something. You never know what they might have in there!

#HowTo: Wear a Bomber Jacket!
Since fashion is a game and there are no rules you can wear a bomber jacket however you'd like! But I'm here today to show you one possible way and my personal favorite combination on how to wear a bomber jacket. I'm all about that comfortable and casual yet chic style with a girly touch which is why I combined a more edgy pair of skinny jeans with my favorite girly ankle booties. Pointed ankle booties are always a great way to bring more femininity in an edgy look.


March 13, 2016


Walk in closet
❞Spring cleaning the closet.❝ Spring has sprung ladies! Which means... We have to spring clean the closet! Spring cleaning always was one of my favorite things to do when spring arrives. You always feel so good and everything looks so fresh and clean. And with that I mean spring cleaning the whole flat, not only the closet. But since this is a fashion and beauty themed site we are talking about spring cleaning our closet today.

Put on your favorite #Song and let's start!
I know that spring cleaning is definitely not everybody's favorite thing to do but what has to be done has to be done. And trust me, you'll feel great when it's all done! It's just a great feeling when you have your closet ready for spring and summer so you can start fresh and with new inspiration. So hit that button and let's start spring cleaning our closet together!

March 11, 2016


Air Max 90 Streetstyle Look
❝Skinny jeans and Sneakers❞ We a all know these days where we just want to be comfortably dressed from head to toe, don't we? I am one of those persons who loves to dress up but on a daily bases I enjoy comfortable daytime wearable looks even more. There is nothing worse than running around all day with hurting feet because of uncomfortable shoes. Trust me, experienced it way too many times.

Put on your #airmax & let's GO!
There are so many trendy sneakers right now (not only from Nike!) so there's definitely one style for everyone. I've personally always loved the Nike Air Max the most. Even though they might not be the most fashionable sneakers, I love how they can make every outfit stand out  a n d  you're getting a little bit taller when wearing Air Max because they have a really thick sole which is great! I always fall for the most colorful Air Max, maybe because I'm always wearing all black looks - that way I have at least one pop of color and you can always keep it super simple with colorful sneakers as they are the key piece of every look.


March 8, 2016


Patchwork Skirt OOTD
❞ Happy Women's Day, Beauties!❝ It's the 8th of March which means... It's all about us women today. This beautiful day couldn't have started any better, the sun is shining so bright which makes me so incredibly happy. Do you know this feeling? I think so. I hope you all have a fabulous day with lots of sun and happiness and don't forget to do whatever you want to do today. ❤︎

Spring is #Skirt season!
Normally I'm not really a skirt lady but I do love to wear them from time to time, especially for spring. Patchwork has been one of the biggest trends this past year and you can still see amazing patchwork clothing everywhere in all different variations and materials. Leather patchwork is definitely my favorite which is why I fell in love with this beautiful skirt. Patchwork is something you can easily combine with a super simple look and it will give the elusion like you really put more effort in it. I decided to keep this look quite simple and classic but then combined the patchwork skirt as an eye-catcher.


March 5, 2016


❝Pull out your girly biker jackets!❞ Oh dear March, please be good to us. Spring is waiting for us right around the corner which means we have to prepare our wardrobe for the most flattering time of the year (in my opinion). If you've been reading the Trendique for quite some time now then you'll know how much I love leather jackets- biker jackets for precisely. Since they can look quite harsh and strong sometimes I thought why not change it up a bit with a little mixture?

#Peplum is the key!
I think for spring time we can go a bit more girly as usual and change things up a little. I normally don't like peplum that much on me but for jackets, I think it's another story. A peplum jacket will give your whole look a more feminine and girly look which is exactly what we want for spring. But as you know me... I don't like all-girly looks on me so I had to bring a bit edginess back into the look with some ripped and speckled skinny jeans and voilá - there you have it! A great daytime wearable look perfect for the beginning of spring.


March 2, 2016


 ❞What else could I choose...❝ ...Than black? I think we don't have to discuss it anymore - it's just a simple fact that I am addicted to all black looks. Nothing more to say. I can't believe that today is already the 2nd of March which means...? Spring is around the corner!!! And I am super duper excited about that even though the weather over here is still quite wintery and cold but we do had some sun shining the other day which always makes me happy. 

What to wear for #S H O P P I N G?
That always had been the question for me, seriously. It's kinda hard because you need to feel comfortable so you can walk long from shop to shop but still you want to look fashionable while shopping... Don't you? Of course, black is always the answer but we need to get more specific here. Starting off with a pair of flats which are both comfortable and chic so you don't have to worry about long walks. For pants I would recommend skinny jeans maybe with elastane in it (just in case you eat too much during the shopping trip which I always tend to do...). And if it's still quite cold and windy where you live you should choose a coat you can easily take off when trying on things.

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