February 29, 2016


❝I'll always choose Dior...❞ No matter how much we love all these make-up brands out there I think there is always one brand we  l o v e  the most and we always come back to. For me personally, it always was Dior. I can't even tell you why or when I purchased my first ever Dior product... but there's just something about Dior that makes me addicted. I believe that this gorgeous silvery and mirrored packaging is the prettiest of all make-up brands. It's so dreamy and girly that you immediately feel ten times more beautiful when applying Dior products.

What I've bought from #Dior
If you are following me on Instagram {@thetrendique} you already know that I was in Poznań, Poland these past couple of days and of course I couldn't leave the Dior counter without purchasing something. But first things first: I always wanted those miniature perfume flacons but every time I ask someone they told me I can't buy them. Well, I am the happiest girl right know 'cause the super sweet and lovely lady at the Dior counter in Poznań gave me four of them as a present...

M I S S  D I O R  B L O O M I N G  B O U Q U E T
If you've read one of my previous articles where I was talking about the Miss Dior perfume {read it here} you'll know that this is my favorite perfume of all time and I love the pretty flacon to death. Nevertheless I've never had the Miss Dior ''Blooming Bouquet'' which is a more flowery and daytime wearable scent I would say. So you can imagine how happy I was {and still am...} to get those beautiful little ''samples''.
Get the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet NOW

R O U G E  D I O R  B R I L L A N T
No. 263 ❞Swan❝
I'm a total ''lip-person'', so I almost never leave the house without at least a light lipgloss on. On a daily bases I always use a rosy, mauve colored lipliner to line and fill in my lips so I needed something in a similar color just to put over the lipliner to give it a little bit of a glossy effect. And of course to moisturize 'cause lipliner really dry out your lips.
Get yours NOW

D I O R S K I N  G L O W I N G  G A R D E N S
No. 001 ❝Glowing Pink❞
Since I'm quite new to the highlighting world... I had to get my hands on this beauty. And guess what? It was the last one in store so I was quite lucky! I haven't used it much until now but really like it so far. It has a really decent glow with a little bit rosiness in it but you can definitely build it up if you want are more strong poppin' highlight.

D I O R S K I N  N U D E  A I R  P O W D E R
No. 020 ❞Light Beige❝
And last but not least: Powder. I don't have much to say about this one as it's quite self-explaining- I just needed a new powder as I am running out of mine. Always wanted to try this one so I thought I should give it a try. It's definitely doing his job so far but I do think that it get's a little bit darker on the skin after some time...
Get yours NOW

XOXO ❤︎ 



  1. Looks so amazing! :) I love Dior products, they look so elegant and clean in their design :)



  2. Love Dior makeup. Your pictures are amazing

    Filipa xxx
    PlayingWithApparel.com | Instagram

  3. totally LUXE! Dior has got one of the best packaging and their products are all top-notch too!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  4. I love my dior perfume, too!!! Pretty photos dear!!! <3

    xo from Seattle,


  5. Half of my makeup bag is Dior! Love this post!


  6. Oh toll - ich liebe die Dior Düfte einfach <3
    Liebe Grüße, Fiona THEDASHINGRIDER.com

  7. lovely haul :)
    please follow my blog : YOUNG BLOG

  8. Woow!!! Awesome blog, the image is perfect, lovely and great post :)

    B. www.StephanieBelles.com

  9. Wunderschöne Produkte, Liebes!

    Ich wollte erst gestern in die Galeries Lafayette, um zu sehen ob sie den hübschen Highlighter noch haben! Jetzt wo ich sehe, dass Du ihn liebst, will ich den noch mehr :D
    Und der Lipgloss sieht unglaublich toll aus! Ich liebe Dior (und Chanel) einfach unglaublich, finde aber das Dior meistens die frischere, jüngere Variante des Chanel Klassikers ist. Meine Nagellack, Make-Up und Lippenstift Sammlung wächst und wächts. Und selbst meine Mamon, die sich nie schminkt, ist Hin und Weg vom Lip Glow, Air Flash und Rouge Stick.

    Hab einen wunderbaren Abend, Bisous deine Patricia
    THEVOGUEVOYAGE by Patricia Sophie

    1. Viiielen Dank meine Liebe! <3

      Da kann ich dir bei allem nur zustimmen! Meine Mama schminkt sich auch kaum, hat sich aber dort auch einen Puder von Dior gekauft und ist total begeistert von ihm :D Ich glaube so langsam stecke ich sie an mit meiner Dior Addiction (Einen Lipgloss möchte sie als nächstes haben, nachdem sie ihn getestet hatte :D

      Den Lip Glow finde ich auch wirklich super!!!

      Küsschen! xx

  10. Klasse Eindrücke, echt toll :)

    Allerliebste Grüße,

  11. dior perfume is my favorite


  12. I love Dior, their cosmetics are fabulous - love how you photographed them too honey, so pretty! Just discovered your blog and I love it!

    Elizabeth Daisy xo


  13. Wundervolle Bilder und das Packaging ist sooo schön, ich glaub ich muss shoppen gehen :) Liebe Grüße, Nina von najsattityd.de


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