February 25, 2016


Valentino, Jimmy Choo, Saint Laurent...❞ It's might not the typical sale % time right now but nevertheless there are some crazy designer sales going on. I think it's kind of normal as a woman to love designer items, isn't it? They are always the most beautiful and it just feels so great if you own something you really really love and saved up for. Of course we can not afford all those amazing designer items on a daily bases ( although it would be just a  pure  d r e a m ). But the better it is when you saved up for a special designer item you want for a long time and finally get it!

I know it's  t e m p t i n g  so keep reading...
I personally think that all those expensive designer items should be always something special and not something you can get whenever and how often you want. I mean of course it's great if you can afford that much, congrats, but you'll probably get tired of it after some time 'cause you can have it all. It's nothing special that way, if you know what I mean. So if you've saved up some money for something special, definitely check out this designer shopping list I've prepared for you!


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