January 28, 2016


Make-up products
Raise your hand if you love beauty as much as I do. I personally don't know any woman who ever said she's not into beauty and all that comes with it. It's just a thing with us women, isn't it? I think I can speak for most of us when I say we just love pretty perfume bottles, high quality make-up brushes and lipsticks in every color possible. Today we are talking about the basics that we all have and need and I'm sharing with you my favorite way to store the things I need on a daily bases.

If you're having a lot of make-up it can get quite tricky to store it all in the right way. Maybe you don't have that much space to use either. Well, you don't need to display all of your beauty stuff, just the things you use the most and on a daily bases. There are actually quite a lot opportunities to store your daily make-up essentials but my favorite and for me the most classy way is a mirrored tray. It's the perfect decoration tool already and arranging your favorite and most used make-up products on it will look great on your make-up table.


Best make-up products

The best tip I can give you and what I've been doing for years now is to use empty candles for make-up brushes. That's probably the best and stylish way to do it. Just burn down your favorite candle in a pretty glass and put it in a little bit of hot water to get rid of any wax- that's it. And there you have it, a super easy DIY brush holder.

To make it all even more pretty and eye-catching don't forget your favorite perfume on it. If you're following me on Instagram (@thetrendique) for a while now, you'll know that I'm absolutely obsessed with the Miss Dior perfume bottle. It looks gorgeous on a mirrored tray (or any tray you find) and you can always reach it easily.

If you are having a lot of make-up and beauty essentials and don't know what to display on your beauty tray, think about the products you use the most. For example your favorite foundation and powder which you use everyday, brushes, perfume and lip balm.


Favorite make-up products




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