October 9, 2015


ALMOST LOOKS LIKE LEATHER Today's topic is about coated pants which are another huge fall trend this season. Well, maybe it's not only a fall trend but let's be honest; these pants just suits fall season the most. You can create so many looks with them and it's finally a little change from the leather pants. Now, don't get me wrong, I love leather pants and they're definitely a must have in every closet especially for fall and winter. But, it's good to simply have some change sometimes. Especially for me as I was running around in leather pants almost every day last year around this time. If you never heard about coated pants you'll need to change that asap! They're this kind of thicker almost leather-ish material but still not as thick as leather pants - a good in between I would say. I believe coated jeans were already on the market two years ago but I never really paid attention to them until now. Even the selection in the stores is getting bigger and you'll see them everywhere.

October 6, 2015


THE FALL MUST-HAVE Today we are talking about the most important and practical fashion piece for fall season. What would we do without nice fitted coats at this time of the year? Right, nothing. Weather is getting cooler, darker and more uncomfortable but obviously we don't already want to pull out our big winter coats. Fall is basically the season made for those little fitted coats (or jackets). Sometimes it doesn't need much as you can tie it together around your waist for a more feminine look and you basically don't have to worry about putting together a whole outfit. Don't worry about your outfit looking boring because these fitted coats are an absolutely trend piece this season. Jackets and coats in general and in all different varieties are THE key piece for a fashionable fall. They're looking fabulous on their own, are super easy to wear and your look doesn't need much more to be completed. 

October 4, 2015


IT’S HAT SEASON Ladies, get your hats out! Another typical fall accessory, if not the most important: Hats. I actually planned on waiting a bit longer with my first hat look this year as we are having ‘’hat weather’’ for months and months over here and I wanted to avoid spamming you with loads of hat looks… but I was just way too excited. I have to say that I’ve collected quite a big hat selection over the past couple of years so it was kind of hard to chose the first one of the year. But at the end, I went with my favorite and the most classy one I have. Black is basically the hat color to go for. Matches everything and it’s for sure always an stylish eye-catcher. But how to wear a hat? Or how to combine it? Well, it’s actually very simple. You can actually combine a hat to SO many different looks. From casual to elegant - the range is super big and they’re basically no rules. 

I decided to go with the chic variant for the first look just because it’s my favorite. I always loved the combination of those cigarette pants paired with hats in different styles as seen in plenty of fashion magazines, so I thought I’ll give it a try. And there you go - I really like it. Perfect for meetings or even work if you’re having a more chic dress-code. Good thing: You can easily switch up the pumps with some elegant flats for more comfort during the day. To make this look complete I chose a super cozy yet chic cashmere sweater, which immediately brings me to the next fall trend: Cashmere. See, it’s crazy how many cool trends this season is offering us. 


October 1, 2015


LEATHER FRINGES So first thing first: I just realized that this look today is all about the fringes as well. But today we’re taking it to another level. Leather!!! Leather is literally THE number #1 thing to go for in fall and with that I mean all different kind of leathers, doesn’t always have to be the typical black leather jacket. Why not spice it up a little bit and try something different? Last year I was on a hunt for the perfect leather skirt but haven’t found the perfect one. This season I think I finally found it. And it’s not only just a leather skirt, no, it’s a leather skirt with fringes which is definitely something new for me. If you’ve read my previous article which was all about the fringes then you already know my opinion on that. Short: I love them! 

Fringes are just a great thing and they can be so flattering for us women. If you’re walking they’re swinging from one side to the other and just looking super pretty and feminine, if you combine the right accessories. Well, actually you don’t really need much as fringes are wonderful on their own which is why I tried to keep this look as simple as possible with just a few details. Starting off with the braid, I decided to finally wear my hair different again since I always had it up in a sleek ponytail lately. The hairstyle of a look can actually make a huge difference to the whole outfit especially when you’re wearing less accessories. I don’t know why but I always feel like fall is the season made for hairstyles, especially braids. Next thing: The jacket. You can basically never go wrong with a little structured jacket. I really love the pocket and zip details of this one which is another thing why you don’t really need other jewelry. Some things are just simply eye-catching on it’s own.