September 28, 2015


LACE AND FRINGES I am currently sitting in the train and writing this article for you as I am going on a little trip to see one of my closest friends. It’s not always easy to see your friends regularly when your living in different cities all over the country… I think some of you might know this struggle? But I do think it’s even more exciting then, if you’re seeing them after a long period of time. So I think you can imagine how happy I am to have her back in my arms in less than three hours. This train is driving so freaking fast that I’m constantly having the feeling I’m in an airplane, which is a great feeling, no complaining at all. I am having a very fancy seat and no one besides me but I’m actually struggling with the direction of my seat right now. Do you know these trains where some seats are faced forwards and some backwards? Well, I’m actually driving backwards now which is kind of a weird feeling but oh well.

But now let’s talk about fashion and today’s look. As you can see and probably tell by the title, it’s all about the fringes today. Fringes are definitely one of my favorite things in fall. And this is also another huge trend we’re facing this season. I’ve been seeing fringes everywhere lately in all different kind of variations. Doesn’t matter if it’s a bag, shoes, clothing or even jewelry. It feels like you can add fringes to everything. I am not a big fan of these kind of ‘’countryside’’ fringes look if you know what I mean but there are so many other options to wear and combine fringes and I’m showing you today the more elegant option which is my personal favorite. If you look close you’ll see that this look is based on a quite simple base with some coated black skinny jeans and a top with lace detail. Just by adding the right accessories AND this amazing jacket you can achieve this elegant yet comfortable look. If you chose another bag, maybe a bigger one, this look is definitely made for everyday wear. 

September 26, 2015


FEELS SO GOOD Now we can officially say it: It's autumn!!! A few days ago the calendar kicked of the best season (at least for fashion) of the year. Let's get out our fluffy vests and oversized sweaters - it's the best and coziest time. Autumn comes with so many trend pieces and I know I've already told you about that but I always find another one which I really like. I have already said it about the leather jacket and the fur vest but today it's all about the ankle booties.

What would we do without shoes? What would a WOMAN do without shoes? Well, that's a good one, right?... I think it's especially us women who are the biggest shoeaholics. I mean, we always want them in every color possible and in every style possible. Doesn't matter if we're already having a very similar pair - we still want them. Shoes can make us so happy! And now it's finally time again to wear all these cute little booties which are my absolute favorite. I like the pointed ones with a heel the most just because they're the most elegant and always looking chic. Comfortable? No, not really though... But hey, that's the pain we have to take as long as it looks good. Thankfully there are a lot of other cute and flat booties which reminds me of getting a pair! I just realized a few days ago that I'm not owning a pair of black flat booties. Shame one me. 


September 23, 2015


BLACK AND GREEN Like I said in the previous article, I am going to show you some more looks wearing this vest as I am absolutely in love with her. You can't even imagine how fluffy she is. Like seriously, I could constantly touch her. I don't know if it's the right form to call a vest ''she'' but since she's going to be my best friend this autumn we'll just leave it like that for now... But anyway - Today's look is all about the cozy chic for everyday errands. What's better than feeling cozy and comfortably during a typical day where you're running around from one place to another? Right, nothing. The key is to style those looks with some chic accessories for the extra touch of elegance even though you didn't put much effort in it. 

This look is based on a super simple and casual look: Skinny jeans and comfy sweater. Just by adding an elegant fur vest, black sunglasses, a nice bag and a sleek ponytail you can achieve this more chic and elegant look but not having to dress up fully and still being comfortably during the day. I have to say that my shoes weren't the best idea since I was running around for hours and they really started to hurt my feet at the end of the day. I'll definitely chose the flat ones for the next time, that's for sure... Sometimes the heel doesn't have to be that high to hurt your feet I'm telling you. Oh, and when they're not having a platform, like mine, then the game get's even worse. So always try to chose those with at least a small platform - that way your feet has more of a protection especially if you're walking around for hours.

September 21, 2015


FEELS LIKE AUTUMN Autumn brings us lots of lovely trends with his appearance... One of my all time favorites has to be the vest. And more precisely: The fur vest. It doesn't matter if it's a real or faux one - it just has to be fluffy. They're not only looking super fashionable, a fur vest really comes in handy especially in the autumn time. Some days are still quite warm so you don't want to pull out your big jacket already? A stylish fluffy vest is the answer. You can either combine it just with a blouse or with a cozy sweater underneath. I actually planned on buying a black fur vest last year, but I just couldn't find the right one. So it was basically the number one thing on my wish list for this season. Well, as you can see and in perfect timing for autumn I found the perfect one from Mondelli. They're having a big selection of all different colors so there's definitely one for everybody's taste. 

September 15, 2015


COFFEE TO GO The title of this article already says it all basically... It's getting cozy over here which finally means: Turtleneck sweaters!!! It was one of those days where it was kind of chilly, cloudy and you just wanted to walk around with a simple yet chic look. Feeling cozy and warm with the turtleneck sweater and a warm Starbucks drink on-the-go. Starbucks is great at any time and at any season but let's be honest... When it get's cold, a warm drink to go can really save your life. Well, at least a little bit. I've never been a fan of coffee so it's always tea for me OR even better - hot chocolate. Have you ever tried their caramel hot chocolate? Or the hazelnut one? Even though I don't like either caramel or hazelnuts on their own, I find those two super delicious.

As you can tell, it's another all black look - shame on me. Or maybe not? I mean, all black is great and it's actually not always that easy... But I've talked about that way too much already in previous article so we're skipping this step now. I am so happy to get the turtlenecks back on. Did you know that they've been worn for hundred of years? At least back to the 15th century which is a crazy long time. It all started with a very small and tight fitting turtleneck but now, as the trend is getting bigger and bigger each season, the range is very big. I love those oversized turtlenecks where you can almost hide yourself and just feel super cozy. And you can wear them with a lot of different things, don't always has to be a pair of skinny jeans. Try it our with a cute skirt and some tights and your fall look is completed.

September 13, 2015


A POP OF COLOR This past saturday we decided to go to Sanssouci again for a shooting and just some relaxing time off from the city. When living in the middle of a big city days like these are much appreciated from time to time... The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was honestly almost too hot for this look. Wished I was wearing some sandals but oh well... I think you know how much I love buildings and architecture like this, so it was obvious for me to shoot right in front of the castle. I always get a little speechless in front of old gorgeous buildings, isn't it just stunning how every little details is so old and has so much history behind? Alright, so I'm getting way too historic now... back to the fashion.

I'm not sure if you can really call this an all black look but that wasn't even what I was going for. I wanted to show you once again (I think I did some looks like this in the past) how you can ad a pop of color to any all neutral look. Sometimes you're in the mood for an all black look but still want to have a little bit of color in? Well, this is perfect then. It don't always has to be the bag, you can really play around with the accessories and make them stand out by choosing a vibrant color. It can go from shoes and bag to a statement colorful necklace, sunglasses or even a hat. By the way... while thinking about hats, it's that time of the year again so get them hats out!!! I decided to go with a colorful bag for this look because I love how it can change the whole look, at least a little bit. Definitely need to get my hands on another colorful bag to pair with all black.

September 7, 2015


...THE KNEE HIGH BOOTS I can't even tell you how happy I am that fall weather finally arrived over here in Berlin. Like seriously. I love this kind of weather so much. I know that fall isn't here officially yet... but still. The weather's all that matters. Today's topic is all about the knee high boots which are one of my fall season must-haves. I just realized that I'm actually wearing two of my fall must-haves in this look: Leather jacket and knee high boots but since I already talked about my love for leather jackets so many times, it's only about the boots today. These ones I'm wearing in this look are actually from last years collection since I haven't found a pair of the new collections yet... but I still love them to death. Well, maybe not to death as they are a little bit (or a little bit more...) uncomfortable when you're walking a long time.

I don't really know why since the heel isn't that bad and it's a thicker one which is always supposed to be more comfortable but oh well... I still really like them. But where does the knee-high-boot come from? Sometimes also called over-the-knee boot they were originally created for men as a riding boot in the 15th century. In the 20th century the style was redefined as a women's fashion boot. I think since then they've been quite popular but they are definitely getting bigger and bigger each season. I think the question is always: How to wear knee-high boots? Well, the answer is quite simple. You can wear them with almost everything! Doesn't matter if it's a casual or elegant look or something in between, a knee-high boot is always a good idea. You just have to look at the style from the boots. Are they flat or high heeled? Sometimes even the material matters. Mine for example are made out of this beautiful black velour leather which can be both chic and casual. My personal favorite way to style knee-high boots is definitely elegant with tights and a dress but you'll definitely see many more different fall looks with these boots.

September 5, 2015


THE PERFECT TRENCH Autumn is the season all about coats. More precisely trench coats. The trench coat has been the IT-piece for several seasons now and is getting more trendy every year. The invention of the trench coat is claimed by both Burberry and Aquascutum but most of us only thinking about Burberry when talking about trench coats. Why? Because they're definitely making the most perfect ones of all time. Super expensive but super classy. But it doesn't always has to be this ''typical'' kind of trench in khaki tones and loads of buttons. There are so many different designs of trench coats right now where you can easily find the perfect one for you. I've always loved the combination of black with leather sleeves. 

Maybe you can remember but two years ago I had a very similar coat with leather sleeves which wasn't really a trench though... This one is from Zara as well and I have to say that they're really having an eye for making good leather sleeves designs (even though this is faux leather). I love the cut of this trench, it's so flattering and goes with both elegant and casual. I wanted to create a more elegant look so you can see how much variety this trench has. Black tights, black dress, black heels and this trench is the perfect elegant autumn combination for me. And yes, all black, again. At least I tried to not having it ALL ALL black so I chose a light grey mini bag. So the end of the story is that a trench coat like this can be basically worn all day long starting of casual during the day and then dressing it up elegant at night. The perfect must-have piece to have in your autumn wardrobe, right?

September 3, 2015


NEW SEASON It's official!!! September is here and brought us perfect autumn weather which mean I can finally show you all the autumn looks I've already planned. I can't say it enough, I am more than happy that this crazy heat wave is finally over. Now it's time to jump right into the new season with many new looks in mind. But the new season brings also another exciting topic: Fashion Week. The beginning of autumn always means London, Paris and New York fashion week and I will probably be at LFW. It's not fixed yet but I really want to go as I've never been to London before and always wanted to visit. What better occasion then for fashion week? 

This outfit I'm showing you today is definitely a perfect autumn look. I absolutely love this fuzzy jacket as it's super cozy which is great for cooler autumn days or evenings and it looks super cute paired with a nice blouse. But as the title of this article is already saying - we're talking about mini bags today. Ever since I got my little Alma BB from Louis Vuitton I am in love with mini bags. They're a perfect little eye-catcher to every look and they totally come in handy. Especially for those autumn days where you're already wearing a lot of stuff you don't always want to carry a big bag with you... That's why I love the mini bags so much. You can wear them cross body, only take with you what you really need and it looks really nice paired with jackets or coats. They're are just so easy to wear and to combine. The only downside would be that you really can't fit much in there which can be a true struggle for us women... But hey, we have to make compromises sometimes, even in fashion.