August 30, 2015


THE PERFECT SHAPED BLAZER I think I've told you enough times how much I love those casual chic looks, right? In my opinion they're just the best from the best. Nothing is more daytime wearable. Having an outfit on point looking chic yet feeling super comfortable is the key. As I'm always saying, fashion is a game and you can change the rules every day but some simple things are just facts that can't be changed. I'm not saying that this is always the case but most of the time, less is definitely more. Especially if we are talking about daywear. Who doesn't want to stay comfortable during a long day but still having an chic outfit which looks like a lot effort? I really do believe that sometimes, we are thinking way too much about an look.

Most of the time on a daily bases it's better to just stick to the good old basics because you can never go wrong with them. I don't know how many times I've talking about basics and key pieces but that's such an important topic in the fashion world. Every good outfit is based on at least one basic. This outfit I'm wearing today is one fully based on basics, lol. Skinny jeans, simple plain white shirt and a perfect shaped blazer - which brings me to my next point: The blazer. Besides a perfect pair of skinny jeans (I was talking about that in my last article HERE) a black blazer with a perfect shape for your figure is also very important. It's a perfect piece to built up an outfit and makes every oh-so-casual look a little bit more chic looking. With a blazer it's kind of similar to skinny jeans - they are so many different shapes and textures so everyone is able to find their perfect one. I really like it when a blazer has this structured kind of look and a little bit of shoulder pads with a casual yet sophisticated look to it.

August 28, 2015


HOW TO FIND YOUR PAIR OF... Skinny Jeans. Since some years now they've become THE key piece in every woman's closet. Or let's say it that way: No closet is completed without a perfect pair of skinny jeans. But how to find the perfect one for you? For your body and for your silhouette? Well, it's actually quite easy but you do have to look for some things. A few days ago I realized that I don't have a perfect pair of skinny jeans (only some old ones that don't fit me anymore or I've worn to death) so I decided to give it a try again and search for my perfect skinny jeans. I knew that I didn't want a plain one so I looked for slightly destroyed ones in particular. Since I absolutely hate buying jeans in stores, having to try them one is always such a struggle... I think you know what I mean. Exhausting as hell if you're running from one store to another and trying one several jeans.

This time it went pretty fast though and I just had to go to one store until I found her. When searching for skinny jeans you have to keep in mind that they are three different ones: Super skinny, skinny and straight (I know some people might say straight is not skinny, but for me personally, these jeans that are called ''straight'' are looking skinny as well). I prefer the super skinny ones just because I like it when it's really tight and fitting down on the ankle. Next thing would be the color, or better said the washing. I think if you're searching for THE perfect skinny jeans it has to be a typical blue jean one just because every woman should have at least one in her closet and you can combine it with basically everything. Casual or elegant - both works. Another thing you have to keep in mind is the waist. Low rise, medium rise, high rise? That totally depends on your body type and figure. Especially those low rise jeans are not really flattering for most of us so I always prefer medium or high rise. This one is a medium rise which makes it perfect for everyday wear and you don't have to worry that much about eating too much, because we all know the struggle when wearing high rise jeans and eating too much, right? Medium rise is much better then. 

August 26, 2015


ALL BLACK EVERYDAY Autumn? I'm definitely ready for you. I think I've told you this at least one time before but I actually wasn't a dress person years back, at all. I was always wearing jeans and pants in general... maybe sometimes a skirt but dresses? No, not really. These last couple of months or even years I got more and more into a dresses lover and even have a little collection now. I'm always on the hunt for new daytime wearable casual yet chic dresses and especially now with autumn waiting right around the corner I really wanted to have a perfect autumn dress which you can wear on a daily bases. This jacquard dress is perfect and immediately caught my eye whole browsing around online. 

I think the jacquard fabric is going to be a huge trend this season and I absolutely love the look of it, especially for dresses. This dress has the perfect shape because it's so simple and almost like a shirt dress. It's short sleeve which is perfect for wearing a blazer or leather jacket on top of it when layering. Jacquard is a fabric with an intricately woven pattern which always reminds me a little bit of the baroque style. Also, the pattern is not printed or dyed on like most of the clothing, it's incorporated into the weave which makes it look very high-quality. You can find the jacquard fabric basically on everything - dresses, pants, shirts, jackets... and there's something for every budget. What I really like about the jacquard fabric is that it's kind of thicker which makes it even more perfect for autumn and winter season. For this look I wanted to go for a more casual but still chic look so I decided to go with black tights and flat elegant shoes. It's super easy to change up the look tho... just throw on a pair of pumps and maybe a blazer.

August 21, 2015


NEW FOR FALL With fall waiting for us right around the corner we have to check out the newest fall trends now. Being up-to-date in fashion is not always easy, but if you start early enough, you'll be alright. Right now the weather over here in Berlin is still crazy hot but I already planned and wanted to show you some fall inspired looks. Probably one of the biggest trends for this upcoming fall season is the waistcoat. Inspired by our beloved men it's THE new it-piece in so many variations. I have to admit that it wasn't love at first sight for me... but after some time always seeing it online while browsing around I kind of got into it. I gave it a try, ordered it and fell in love. This little thing is so versatile and can be worn in so many different ways and it's perfect for layering.

And let's be honest: Fall is all about layering, isn't it? It's by far my favorite season when it comes to fashion and I know I'm saying this all the time but it's just the truth. You can get the most out of the newest trends for fall because the weather allows you to do it. It's not too hot and not too cold so you can really play around with all different materials and textures. For this look I decided to wear the waistcoat on top of a white blouse so you can see the contrast. But that's just one way to combine this piece. You can also wear it just on top of a simple top or underneath a leather jacket for that extra silhouette. You can wear it open like I did for a more casual look or knotted for a more business kind of look. The range is huge and goes from short to long, from oversized to fitted and from casual to elegant. I love how one piece can be designed in so many different ways and for every style suitable.

August 19, 2015


THE HAPPINESS NECKLACE In this article we are talking leather & lace and a little bit about happiness. Happiness and more precisely about the happiness boutique which is an Berlin based online shop with a gorgeous selection of statement jewelry. From necklaces to earrings - they have something for every one and every taste. It was quite hard for me to choose one because as you might know I am a huge admirer of statement jewelry. It's just the perfect way to add an extra touch of glamour to an oh-so-simple look. Of course I had to go with a super classy design since I love to style those pieces to as many outfits as possible. This necklace will seriously go with anything and any occasion. Just think about it - there are so many different ways. All casual with a pair of skinny jeans and a plain jersey shirt? Pair it with a statement necklace and it'll look fabulous. All dressed up already with a sexy lace dress and a leather jacket? Combined with a statement piece like I did today it gives the whole look an extra touch of glamour.

As the title of this article is already saying (and it might sounds a little like ''fifty shades of gray''...) we are not only talking about statement jewelry today. This jacket you've seen in the previous article also paired with something lacy. I really loved the combination with leather and lace so I wanted to create another, more elegant look with those two materials. We all know that one saying: ''You can never go wrong with a little black dress'' and I've probably said it so many times in the past... but a little black dress AND it's made out of lace - it's even better. Lace is for sure one of my favorite (or even my #1 favorite) material. It can look so sexy and feminine but still so laid-back and casual. Just depends on how you style it. I loved the contrast of leather paired with lace so I decided to go for it one more time but with a whole different look. A dress combined with a leather jacket is not only my favorite thing to do... it's also super easy but still always chic. Of course you could wear a more elegant and fitted leather jacket with it but I wanted to go for this contrast and chose a more casual and little oversized biker jacket. For everyday wear you can totally wear some nice flats with it and change into your heels for a special occasion or a night out.

August 18, 2015


THE BIKER JACKET Today we are talking all about the perfect biker leather jacket. Doesn't matter if it's real or fake leather. It just has to be a biker inspired style. I can't think back to a autumn season where biker jackets weren't on trend but I really think this trend is getting bigger and bigger each season. Did you know that the leather jacket has become popular in the later-half of the 20th century? We are living in the 21st century now so that really is a long looong time. Over the years designers and labels came out with so many different styles and cuts for the biker jacket and with that there is one style for everybody. I think my personal favorite style is the typical one with silver zips, pockets, those padded shoulders and a belt for a even more edgy look.

Since I don't like to wear my biker jackets all zipped up I prefer to have it all loose and hanging around. I love how the open belt thing is giving the whole look a more laid-back and casual touch. But where to find the perfect biker jacket? Well, the range is huge so we have to sort it out by money first. Do you want to incest in a really good quality and real leather biker jacket? Or is a faux leather one also an option for you? I have to admit that it doesn't really matters for me if it's real or fake leather as soon as it looks good in general. There are SO many good fake leather jackets out there (my favorite place to find them is hand down, Zara) so you will definitely find the perfect one for you. I even experienced once that a fake leather one can be much better looking than a real one. Of course, not in every case but there are some really good ones you just have to search for them and keep your eyes open. If you've found the right one for you there are really no limits or rules when it comes to styling. Casual, chic or elegant, formal, business or even combined with some sweatpants. Let's make the long story short: Every woman needs one perfect biker jacket in her closet.

August 16, 2015


ON THE WATER I’m sitting in the car right now typing this article with music turned on loud. We are on our way to a family BBQ in the garden from my mom’s cousin. Feels like this is going to be a whole family weekend as I was spending the whole day yesterday with my family as well. Tomorrow is sunday and I am back to work then for some new shootings. Maybe you’ve noticed that it wasn’t really regular these past couple of days on the Trendique and that’s simply because of this unbelievable heat. We basically had no chance to shoot new looks because the heat wave was killing us. Literally. Of course I am not complaining about summer but this is just too much. Now we are praying that it’s not going to be rainy tomorrow as it’s supposed to cool down a little bit the next days. But if I’m completely honest I would love to have some rain.

This look I’m showing you today is a casual super comfortable one I was wearing yesterday for a day out at the water. When living in Berlin you have the pleasure to have several seas around and in the city. I think that’s even a thing Berlin is known for… Don’t want to turn this article in a city guide know, lol, but Berlin really has two totally different sides. On the one hand this huge, loud and touristic capital and on the other hand this green, full of nature and relaxing areas. But enough said about Berlin… Let’s talk about this outfit. As we all know it can get super hard to find the right outfit for this kind of weather but if you keep it all as simple as possible and stick to the basics - you should be alright. I ordered this casual gray jumpsuit the other day and I have to say that something like this is perfect. So easy yet so stylish. You don’t really need much for this look as we are going for a casual and laid back look but if you want to, you can totally dress it up. For example: you can combine a belt to enhance and highlight your waist or you can really play around with jewelry. I wanted to keep the focus all on the jumpsuit so I just kept it as simple as possible. 

August 11, 2015


STILL SUMMER BUT DREAMING ABOUT FALL Am I the only one wishing it was already fall? I’m not quite sure about that. I have to say that this extreme heat is totally getting on my nerves. And not only that… I have already so many fall outfit ideas and just can’t wait to wear and show you them. Fall always has been my favorite season when it comes to fashion. I mean, you have so many more options and layering is the key. Since it looks like it’s going to stay that hot for at least the next week I’m just going to try to show you some summer looks but inspired and combined with some fall pieces. Of course I wan’t wearing the leather jacket the whole day otherwise I would’ve been probably dead by now… But I still wanted to show you how simple you can combine a leather jacket with a playsuit. 

I’ve probably said it so many times before but playsuits are just so versatile and easy to combine. I truly think that every woman should have at least one in her closet that fits her perfectly just for those days when you don’t know what to wear… Just grabbing one piece and good to go. If you wanna make it more interesting and outstanding you can make the playsuit game strong just by adding some of your favorite key pieces. Since I’m already thinking about fall all day long I just had to pair it with my beloved leather jacket. As we all know, a classy leather jacket can be simply worn with everything. It doesn’t only has to be casual - you can really dress it up. Next thing: Shoes. Now, I actually really wanted to pair some black booties but this would’ve been just one thing too much in this crazy heat as I was already sweaty like a pig because of the jacket. I believe these pumps were from the last A/W collection so they were another great fall key piece for this look. And last but not the least: The accessories. A good fox tail is everything. They are a great eye-catcher for every look and you can always put them on the bag you need. You are definitely going to see these in a lot more fall looks.

August 7, 2015


HOW TO WEAR A RED DRESS A few months and years ago I would've never pictures myself wearing a red dress. I honestly never thought about it and never really saw one either. But as you know, with the summer heat wave being back and the sun's out all day long I am just back in the colorful mood and need some color in my looks. This dress is quite new but I did wore it once before for fashion week. Remember? I should've better made it a little series on ''how to wear a red dress'' because for fashion week I was combining it totally different. But let's start of with the story about this dress. I found it super randomly in the Zara sale section hanging on the rack between so many different colorful dresses but this color immediately caught my eye. I think it was even the only one left and in my size. I love that it had this super casual look to it which makes it easy to wear it many different ways.

This dress or basically any dress shaped like this is perfect for you ladies who want to enhance your body features and figure. But the thing I like the most about it is simply it's changeability. Those dresses can be seriously worn to any occasion you can imagine. Think about it, you can wear it super casual with sneakers and maybe a leather jacket or denim jacket or casual yet a little bit more elegant with some flats and a more dressier bag like I did in this look. You can dress it up for special occasion when pairing it with nice pumps or heeled sandals and maybe a nice fitted blazer. Even if I'm thinking about a wedding you could actually wear this dress (when there's no special dress code of course). You just need to remember that it's always all about the details and the right accessories. This dress is so simple and easy to style that you just have to find the right way to combine it differently for the occasion. If the weather stays like this, an I'm sure it will, you'll probably going to see this dress one more time but combined differently for the third time.

August 5, 2015


PURPLE FEVER This outfit was actually from over a week ago when it was still pretty chilly outside. Like I said in the previous article, the heat wave totally got us back and it would be wayyy to hot for a sweater with jeans. I really wanted to show you this look though so I thought I just squeeze it in right now. I was always a big fan of sweaters paired with a pair of jeans but especially when you're a huge admire of elegant looks you have to try to bring some more elegance with shoes and accessories into the whole look. Normally I wouldn't even think of wearing pumps with a look like this but it was a great way to add some more elegance. Since I don't wear many accessories the bag was another way for more chicness just because the little Alma looks super classy and elegant yet brings a little edgy side in when you wear her cross body. 

Those looks are so simple and perfect for transforming from day to night or from family time to meeting time. During the day you could just pair it with a bigger bag where you can fit all your stuff in and some flats. For the night or business meetings you can just add a pair of heels and a more feminine and elegant bag and you are ready to go. We shot these pictures in an area where you can find mostly business women and I realized that they're mostly looking pretty much the same. It was always the typical business uniform which of course, can look super fashionable and sexy... But wouldn't it be great if if someone would change the game a little bit? Maybe a look like this with a ripped pair of jeans would be a cool new variant. Of course, some of them do have to wear this work but if not, some more different looks would be great. And let's be honest; Almost every outfit can look like a business one when you're wearing the right pumps.

August 3, 2015


SWEATS AND HEELS The heat wave is surprisingly back with us and we're getting up to 34° degrees again in the next few days. Am I excited about that? Nah, not really. I've already planned the first autumn looks and was super excited about booties, leather jackets and hats. But we can't beat the weather god, that's for sure. I really wanted to show you this look though so I just had to sweat like a pig while shooting because of the leather jacket. I've always wanted to try some kind of ''sweatpants paired with pumps'' look as I was seeing them quite often in different magazines or online. You may not think that sweatpants and pumps are meant to be together but they really are. Of course, not every pair of sweats is good for this combination but the casual chic look is perfect with those two pieces. 

My sweatpants collection has gotten so big in the last months and years as I love wearing them when running errands etc.. I tried to always reach out to those which can be worn for both, super casual and casual chic. I actually even thought about pairing one of my Juicy Couture sweatpants which are super similar to this one but they're looking a bit more casual. Maybe they would've been too much for this kind of style. Now, when it comes to the top of this look there are two different ways. You can either pair a simple tee and a leather jacket OR even an elegant top with a blazer. I do think that this combination is not for everyone as it's quite ''interesting'' but I personally love the combination of super casual and chic. And while talking about this whole look let's give those pumps a second: Are you already mad of them? I am so sorry wearing them so often and in so many looks lately but they're just the bomb. Like seriously. This is just the most  p e r f e c t  pair of pumps for a affordable price and everybody's budget.