November 21, 2015


TREND ALERT: CONVERSE! Let's be honest ladies... I know we all love our heels to death but what's better than having comfortable feet while running around all day and still looking fashionable and up-to-date? Well, with Converse you can never go wrong, that's for sure. I'm not quite sure when they got invented but it has to be years and years ago. Since I'm a little child, I remember, I always had Converse around me just because they were so comfortable, practical and quite affordable as well. Over the last couple of years they became a huge trend in the fashion industry and we saw them all around the runways and on many celebrities just like Rihanna and Beyonce.

Another thing is that the once so simple Converse sneaker is so much more than ''just'' a simple casual shoe - You can sport these fabulous shoes with so many different styles. The range is big and goes from simple and casual to edgy and classy. Even paired with a cute dress, you are definitely up-to-date. I've had many different Converse throughout my life but I like the classic standard one the most. But where to get your perfect pair of Converse? Online shops are the key. Vaola is having a great selection of many different pairs, styles and colors. You can check out the whole Converse selection right HERE. 

Source: Google
The classic black Converse in combination with another Trend piece: The oversized camel coat.

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In combination with bare legs styled in two different ways.

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Two queens rocking Converse. Who wore them better?



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