August 11, 2015


STILL SUMMER BUT DREAMING ABOUT FALL Am I the only one wishing it was already fall? I’m not quite sure about that. I have to say that this extreme heat is totally getting on my nerves. And not only that… I have already so many fall outfit ideas and just can’t wait to wear and show you them. Fall always has been my favorite season when it comes to fashion. I mean, you have so many more options and layering is the key. Since it looks like it’s going to stay that hot for at least the next week I’m just going to try to show you some summer looks but inspired and combined with some fall pieces. Of course I wan’t wearing the leather jacket the whole day otherwise I would’ve been probably dead by now… But I still wanted to show you how simple you can combine a leather jacket with a playsuit. 

I’ve probably said it so many times before but playsuits are just so versatile and easy to combine. I truly think that every woman should have at least one in her closet that fits her perfectly just for those days when you don’t know what to wear… Just grabbing one piece and good to go. If you wanna make it more interesting and outstanding you can make the playsuit game strong just by adding some of your favorite key pieces. Since I’m already thinking about fall all day long I just had to pair it with my beloved leather jacket. As we all know, a classy leather jacket can be simply worn with everything. It doesn’t only has to be casual - you can really dress it up. Next thing: Shoes. Now, I actually really wanted to pair some black booties but this would’ve been just one thing too much in this crazy heat as I was already sweaty like a pig because of the jacket. I believe these pumps were from the last A/W collection so they were another great fall key piece for this look. And last but not the least: The accessories. A good fox tail is everything. They are a great eye-catcher for every look and you can always put them on the bag you need. You are definitely going to see these in a lot more fall looks.

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