August 3, 2015


SWEATS AND HEELS The heat wave is surprisingly back with us and we're getting up to 34° degrees again in the next few days. Am I excited about that? Nah, not really. I've already planned the first autumn looks and was super excited about booties, leather jackets and hats. But we can't beat the weather god, that's for sure. I really wanted to show you this look though so I just had to sweat like a pig while shooting because of the leather jacket. I've always wanted to try some kind of ''sweatpants paired with pumps'' look as I was seeing them quite often in different magazines or online. You may not think that sweatpants and pumps are meant to be together but they really are. Of course, not every pair of sweats is good for this combination but the casual chic look is perfect with those two pieces. 

My sweatpants collection has gotten so big in the last months and years as I love wearing them when running errands etc.. I tried to always reach out to those which can be worn for both, super casual and casual chic. I actually even thought about pairing one of my Juicy Couture sweatpants which are super similar to this one but they're looking a bit more casual. Maybe they would've been too much for this kind of style. Now, when it comes to the top of this look there are two different ways. You can either pair a simple tee and a leather jacket OR even an elegant top with a blazer. I do think that this combination is not for everyone as it's quite ''interesting'' but I personally love the combination of super casual and chic. And while talking about this whole look let's give those pumps a second: Are you already mad of them? I am so sorry wearing them so often and in so many looks lately but they're just the bomb. Like seriously. This is just the most  p e r f e c t  pair of pumps for a affordable price and everybody's budget.

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  1. Love that stylish outfit with those sexy high heels! :)

    And that leather jacket looks awesome with this outfit! :)

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