July 5, 2015


SUMMER TIME BARGAINS Since this years summer sale is already on I thought why not collect some of my favorite summer fashion bargains for you? The range is huge. From Valentino to Tory Burch and Asos to River Island. There is something for everyone and for every budget. I have to say that I haven't gotten a n y t h i n g until now from this years summer sale but honestly... I could buy e v e r y t h i n g. Not a great idea for my bank account tho... So I'm trying to stay strong not buying anything. Well, maybe a few things. How cute are the Valentino rock stud sandals?! I've been eyeing them basically since they came out but almost $1.000 for a pair of shoes is just too much. I couldn't make it work out with my mind yet. Now they're on sale for a little over $700 which is definitely much better but still a lot of money. So if you wanted them for such a long time just like I did - it's your turn now. GET THEM!!! And I'll be jealous of you.

Another one with a great summer sale selection is definitely River Island. They're having the best stuff even when it's not on sale it's very affordable but even better now with the sale. Also - remember one of my previous article where I was talking about the casual basics? River Island and Asos are two perfect places to find great basic pieces in the sale. You can basically never have enough white and black tops just because they're so timeless and you can wear them with anything. And for the Giuseppe Zanotti lovers I have something really cool: The Studded Heel Sandal with Buckle Details are on SALE for unbelievable $350. That's what I call a true summer bargain!!! And for the Saint Laurent addicts: The Monogram Clutch is on SALE for $805. I hope I've collected something for everyone of you and I wish you HAPPY SHOPPING!




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