July 14, 2015


NYC DREAMING It's almost 3 in the morning while I'm typing this but I can't sleep and thinking about a lot of things instead. I remember I told you so many times that I'll bring in more other things on the Trendique. More beauty... More lifestyle... But I never really sticked to it. There are so many things I could write about and tell you guys about. Things I love, things I hate... Cities I've been to, countries I've seen... Beauty tricks I've learned and make-up products I love. I haven't done one of my beauty talk articles for a really long time now and guess what? I really miss them! I'm definitely trying to bring those back as well. I just found this picture (above) on my favorite inspiration platform WeHeartIt and an new idea popped up in my head right away. Why not writing a New York City guide kind of article?

I have been to NYC twice and it is without a doubt my favorite place on earth and the best place I've ever been to. New York is my absolute dream home and I would absolutely love to live there one day. Since I'm born and raised in a big city I know what it's like to be surrounded by many people, tourists, everyday and everywhere. Of course NYC is a whole other story but it wasn't that different for me - it only was ten times better!!! The first time I flew over was around Easter time when the weather was perfect for a city trip and the second time was in the middle of the hottest summer I could imagine. The smell, the noise, the extreme heat - everything was seriously SO exhausting but still SO freaking amazing. I can't even describe what's it's like to walk the streets of Manhattan under a extreme heat wave... I have to say that it doesn't really sounds really nice but trust me, I had the best time of my life. And that has to mean something because I'm the first person who stays at home all day not doing anything because it's too hot during a heat wave here in the city. NYC is just pure magic.  There are so many things to discover, so many beautiful places and breathtaking views. If you wanna learn more about my favorite hotspots in NYC - hit the read more button and join me on this little adventure.

First things first: The most important thing after a flight is probably the hotel you choose. They are so many different hotels in NYC and it can get quite hard to chose the right one, on the perfect location for your needs. I've been to two different hotels at my visits and I have to say that I really can recommend both of them to you but there are some things you can take a note from.

Crowne Plaza Times Square
1605 Broadway, New York
At my first visit in New York City we stayed at the Crowne Plaza which is seriously directly on Times Square. You're getting out of the front door, take 5 steps to the right and you're right in the middle of beautiful Times Square in all it's beauty. This hotel is definitely recommendable especially if you want to spend a lot of your time around the Times Square are. They're having a super nice and friendly staff and nice rooms (perfect for families as well). One side note I can give to you: Try to book a room with a view to Times Square side because we weren't as lucky and didn't had a good view. But oh well, you don't really need a good view when in NYC as you're basically out exploring the city all day (maybe all night as well...)

The Carlton on Madison Ave.
88 Madison Avenue, New York
This hotel is a dream. Seriously. If I had to chose one out of the two I've stayed in it would've been definitely The Carlton. I fell in love with this hotel at first sight. It had an gorgeous interior and lobby. The rooms are quite small but absolutely amazing bathrooms. Everything is super clean and tidy and the staff is great as well. The very best about this hotel is the location. The empire state building is right around the corner, you can easily reach it in like 7 minutes on foot. Times Square area is of course great as well but there is just Times Square and you need some time by foot to reach other locations and destinations. On Madison Avenue and around the empire state building you have literally everything you need. If you step out of the entrance and walk to the left side up, you will reach all the beautiful luxury boutiques like Chanel, Celine, Laduree etc. by foot or with a cap. Around the empire state building you'll get the more affordable shops like Aldo, Forever21, Victoria's Secret (BIG BIG LOVE) etc.
*please note that the stars I gave are my personal opinion*

...Wanna know all of my NYC hotspots?❤︎

BREAKFAST - As New York or maybe american hotels in general haven't have huge breakfast buffets it's probably the right decision to not book it all inclusive. We haven't got the breakfast flat at both times and we had no regrets at all. As cheesy as it sounds, but we had breakfast every single morning at - wait for it - McDonalds. I personally love the breakfast there. It's super affordable yet deeelicious. And no, you're not getting burgers and fries for breakfast. They're having a huge selection of different bacon and egg toasts etc.

LUNCH - You're probably walking around exploring the city all day long so you're not going to have time for a huge lunch every day (Well, at least we didn't...) But if you're starving and have a little time I can really recommend ''TGI Friday's''. It's the typical american diner I would say. You can order really yummy lemonade and delicious burgers, fries, chicken fingers and steak. You might have to wait some time in the line to get a table as it's always really full in there but it'll be worth it. If you're more of the healthy person definitely try (the best?) salad bar in town directly at Times Square so you can randomly eat your salad or sandwich at the famous red stairs.

761 7th Avenue, New York

1460 Broadway, New York

IN BETWEEN - For the in between snacks and drinks my number #1 suggestion has to be the good old Starbucks. You can find it at almost every corner which is such a lifesaver if you're there in the middle of summer and it's hot as hell. I remember they had this promotion going on from 12-3 when it was boiling hot so you'll got a free tall refresher. I mean, come on!!! That's great!!! Five stars for that, Starbucks!!! And my favorite place to get fresh, heathy and super delicious juices and smoothies has to be Jamba Juice. I can't even tell you how delicious it was - realllly craving one now. Argh. You're a crazy sugar lover just as I am? Well, I have the perfect spot for you. Maybe it's more parisian but I loved it in NYC - Laduree. It's a little delicious dream and you can even get the cutest little keychains from there (just in case you're not as crazy about sugar as I am...)

...On almost every corner

321 5th Avenue, New York

865 Madison Avenue, New York

SHOPPING - The most important shop for me too see (and I had to see it as the first thing even before we did all the sightseeing...) was the big Victoria's Secret store. I was literally in heaven and felt like an angels. It's just SO beautiful in there and you don't ever want to leave. I mean, not only all the beautiful lingerie... the beauty and the PINK corner is just... I have no words for it. I wanted to buy everything and went out with some big pink shopping bags. If you're searching new clothing I can recommend the Forever21 shop right at the opposite from the big VS store. Fashion is on trend and very inexpensive. And for the beauty lovers... definitely try to see the Sephora on Times Square. Another cool hotspot for inexpensive clothing and especially show find: The Strawberry boutique. Super random and maybe not THE best quality but a huge selection of nice heels. And if you're visiting with you dad, boyfriend, husband, fiancee or whatever the case might be - they should take a look at the OMG jeans store. Levi's & Co. for nice prices ;-)

1328 Broadway, New York

50 West 34th Street, 160 New York

1500 Broadway, New York

14W 34th Street, New York

424 Broadway, New York

DINNER If you're on sightseeing tour, running around and shopping all day you're probably super hungry at the end of the day. The second time we were in NYC we found the best pizza I've ever tried and went there basically every evening on our way back to the hotel. I'm so angry right know because I just can't remember how it was called. It was a small italian inspired restaurant (Well, it wasn't really a restaurant 'cause you were ordering your food right at the counter and got it) and they mostly had pizza. It was sooo freaking delicious we couldn't get enough... Alright so it just popped up in my head, I'm pretty sure it was called Sopranos!!! Definitely try their pizza. I just realized that we didn't had a fancy dinner at different restaurants every day - which is quite sad but we just didn't had the time. We were so busy running around from one place to another the whole day so we just got a little something to eat during the day and then something for the evening.

...But I have a little tip for you: If you need a good city guide book to take with you I can recommend the one from Louis Vuitton. I have it myself and they really have a lot of good stuff in there. Not only super pricy spots but some really good and inexpensive ones as well.

539 Avenue of the Americans, New York

35 East 18th Street, New York


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