July 17, 2015


CLOSET ESSENTIALS As promised I am bringing more variety onto the Trendique and today I'm sharing with you a part of my closet. I planned on doing these closet diaries on a regular bases from now on - showing and sharing with you always my favorite closet and fashion essentials. But before we get into the beautiful part you'll probably wondering where my closet system is from. Well, everything is from IKEA from their popular PAX closet system. You can basically install your own dream closet with so many different features they have. I always had the PAX system but always upgraded a little bit more. I'm still not 100% happy with it but it's o.k for now and I hope you'll get some inspiration from it. I personally always get so inspired from all these stunning walk-in-closets seen on Tumblr, Instagram, WeHeartIt etc... 

But now let's get to my favorite closet essentials: As you can probably tell, I am a little Louis Vuitton addict. The damier ebene print is by far my favorite just because it looks so classy and matches with everything. Even with other prints it looks gorgeous and so luxurious. I had the Speedy30 ones in the typical monogram print but turned out it wasn't really my thing so I sold her. The speedy you see in this picture is the size 35 which is perfect as an everyday or work bag as you can fit really a lot of things in it. However, a MacBook is not going to fit in there... Next thing: Pumps. No closet is completed without the perfect pair of sexy black pumps. Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik? That would be my dream, but for know my favorite pumps in my closet are these gorgeous Zara babies and they totally remind me of a pair Jimmy Choo used to have in his collection of Pumps. After shoes comes what? Right, statement jewelry. Statement jewelry is by far my favorite way to style up an simple outfit. Try it yourself: Skinny jeans, white or black simple tee and then add your favorite statement necklace. You'll see the difference.




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