July 29, 2015


IS IT BLACK OR IS IT JUST ME? It's official. And I guess I'm saying this for the third time now in a small period of time: I AM ADDICTED. I am absolutely obsessed with everything black. As soon as the weather get's chillier I'm cravinggg black like a crazy person. Like seriously... A few days ago it was really hot and sunny outside and I was all about the pink and color in general. Today it was quite chilly, windy and cloudy all day long and I just went straight back to black. Some people might think that black is boring and always looks the same... Well, I guess it does -  a little bit. But you can really create so many different looks with just black. For example the pants: They are so many different variants of black pants you can combine. You have the simple and classy skinny jeans, the boyfriend or girlfriend jeans, the cigarette pants, the bootcut pants, flared pants and they are still a few more.

Combining and creating an all black look is not really that simple because you still want to make it outstanding even though it's ''just'' all black everything. But how to make a look outstanding when it's just one color, when it's just black? Well, I guess it's all about the cuts and the details. I'm wearing a really simple and casual skinny jeans but then I paired it with this long sleeve sweater which has a little bit of a different cut at the bottom and some seams all around (which I think you can't really see on the pictures). Another detail you can add are the shoes. Maybe try to find a pair which are not just plain black without any details - go for ones with tassels for example on it. You might remember these kind of shoes from many previous looks I've posted over a year ago. I was wearing them literally to death, so they broke and I  f i n a l l y  got my hands on a new, very similar pair. And for me personally the important thing about an all black look: The bag. I think I am one of the few only having one black bag (I know, crazy right?) so I didn't really had a choice. I still love the bag with all black because it's not a typical kind of bag, it has a few details.

Skinny Jeans - Esprit 
Long sleeve sweater - Esprit

If you're still on the hunt for a new all black look you should take a look at Esprit. They're having a great selection of perfect classy black pieces for everyone. I've selected some of my favorites here for you and maybe you'll get some inspiration. This long sleeve sweater is very similar to the one I'm wearing so it's a good alternative. Then I've selected two different pairs of jeans. First, of course, a simple skinny jeans and the second one is a bootcut jeans. Like I said above, they are SO many different variants for all black looks and you can really play around with the pants. Don't always has to be a skinny jeans - Maybe try the bootcut ;-) Esprit also has a great selection of black blouses and shirts. My favorite one is this cute little blouse which has this pretty lace detailing in the back. Always an eye-catcher.

Blouse - Esprit

Bootcut Jeans - Esprit

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