July 31, 2015


WELCOME TO MY CLOSET As promised I am continuing with this closet diaries series and coming at you today with the second part. I don't know if I said this in the last article but I always feel so inspired browsing thru different walk in closets which you can find on TumblR or WeHeartIt. I really hope you liked the first part of this series and maybe get some inspiration from it. I am sitting at Starbucks right now typing this article and I have to say the Wifi is really not the best. I find it quite funny how every Starbucks always raves about their free Wifi but then your logged in and the connection is just terrible. I don't really know why I came here to write this article because I have perfect Wifi at home... Well, I guess it's because their unbelievable delicious Java Chip Frappuccino. Have you ever tried it? You should really give it a try!

Let's get back to the fashion part of this article. With summer slowly coming to an end and autumn waiting around the corner it's probably time for you to clean out your closet. I absolutely enjoy cleaning out my closet, or better said, reorganizing it for the next season. Autumn always have been my favorite season when it comes to fashion just because you have the most opportunities to combine different looks. At summer time I always have the struggle to combine different looks because all you wanna wear is a dress and that's it. Sometimes you even wanna go out naked just because the heat wave is going on. The struggle is real. In autumn you don't have those problems. The weather is perfect to create the best looks. Well, sometimes autumn weather here in Berlin tends to be more wintery, but o well... If you wanna reorganize your closet and make it ready for autumn I recommend doing it by color. I started this color-system a few years ago and it was the best decision ever. Not only it looks prettier when you have an open closet but you can easily find something that matches your look. You just have to look in the right color range and don't have to search thru your whole closet. 

I have to say that I am not having a huge closet and a huge selection of clothing and that's simply because I always try to sell pieces that I don't wear anymore or that don't fit me anymore. This is a great way to keep your closet clear. Also, I hate looking at my closet when there's tons of stuff inside I don't feel confident with anymore. One of the most important things for always finding the perfect outfit for you is to love your closet and feel inspired by looking at it. That's also the reason why I always rearrange and redecorate some parts of my closet which you will see from now on in all these 'closet diaries'. The first article was still my summer closet and now, for the second part, I've decided to start with my ready-for-autumn cleaning and redecorating. As you can probably tell: Loads of black included. Since my black obsession already came thru in summer - I'm sure it will get even more intense when autumn has arrived so that's why I'm trying to prepare my closet with all the beautiful dark colors.


July 29, 2015


IS IT BLACK OR IS IT JUST ME? It's official. And I guess I'm saying this for the third time now in a small period of time: I AM ADDICTED. I am absolutely obsessed with everything black. As soon as the weather get's chillier I'm cravinggg black like a crazy person. Like seriously... A few days ago it was really hot and sunny outside and I was all about the pink and color in general. Today it was quite chilly, windy and cloudy all day long and I just went straight back to black. Some people might think that black is boring and always looks the same... Well, I guess it does -  a little bit. But you can really create so many different looks with just black. For example the pants: They are so many different variants of black pants you can combine. You have the simple and classy skinny jeans, the boyfriend or girlfriend jeans, the cigarette pants, the bootcut pants, flared pants and they are still a few more.

Combining and creating an all black look is not really that simple because you still want to make it outstanding even though it's ''just'' all black everything. But how to make a look outstanding when it's just one color, when it's just black? Well, I guess it's all about the cuts and the details. I'm wearing a really simple and casual skinny jeans but then I paired it with this long sleeve sweater which has a little bit of a different cut at the bottom and some seams all around (which I think you can't really see on the pictures). Another detail you can add are the shoes. Maybe try to find a pair which are not just plain black without any details - go for ones with tassels for example on it. You might remember these kind of shoes from many previous looks I've posted over a year ago. I was wearing them literally to death, so they broke and I  f i n a l l y  got my hands on a new, very similar pair. And for me personally the important thing about an all black look: The bag. I think I am one of the few only having one black bag (I know, crazy right?) so I didn't really had a choice. I still love the bag with all black because it's not a typical kind of bag, it has a few details.

July 27, 2015


TALKING PINK Today is monday which means it's another chance to change what you always wanted to change and be a better person. I always see monday as a chance to start all over and try to be better than the week before. Sometimes it's definitely easier said then done but wouldn't our planet be so much better if everyone would think like that? No war, no hate just love, friendliness and most importantly charity. Let's try to rise and shine together. As the title of this article is already saying it kind of means that you should always fast forward, never stop and reach your dreams even if they're big and maybe to high to reach right now. If your dreams don't scare you - they're not big enough ;) Remember that!

This outfit is all about some pink details. I really felt like a little pinky for one day. Since the weather was really good these days I was totally back in the color mood so bright pink was all I can think about. I really like the contrast from the black which really makes the pink stand out even more. It can get quite tricky wearing pink especially if you're a blonde. Blondies, you hearing me? I bet you know what I mean. Some people will immediately look at you like a barbie... the struggle is real, I'm telling you. I am not a big fan of people who are forming an opinion about a person they don't know personally. Even if you're a blonde and you like wearing pink it doesn't automatically mean you're a ''dumb barbie girl''. And that's not only for the blondes - I guess brunettes might have the same problem sometimes? Maybe it's a women problem in general. If you like to dress up, do your make-up and wear pink and heels - society always looks at you like you're a dumb barbie doll. 99% of the time that's not the case. I know and see so many women who are looking absolutely flawless, like to dress up but still they're a super smart and successful. That's another thing our world would so much better without - those bad preconceptions.

July 25, 2015


IT'S ALL ABOUT THE N°5 Today's article is going to be all about the N°5. If you saw my two previous outfits then you'll see that I'm kind of obsessing over black and white printed shirts. Doesn't matter if it's a top, shirt or sweater - I love them all and I'm on the best way to collect a really big collection of them. I just think they are so perfect for a daily bases, paired with some casual skinny jeans. Or you can even dress them up paired with a black sexy skirt (maybe a pencil skirt) some pumps and you're good to go. Of course I always love the printing on those shirts because it's so classy and feminine. Another thing I really like about this one tho is the attached chain. Perfect shirt for those lazy ones who don't want to search for a necklace that matches, you just have it already on the shirt. Easy breezy.

When I'm looking at this shirt and thinking about the N°5 one thing popped up in my head immediately. Chanel N°5. It's basically the biggest classic ever. Chanel N°5 is the scent Marilyn Monroe swore by and it was the only thing she wore to bed. Just a few drops of Chanel No 5. My grandmother once gave me her old Chanel No 5 perfume and I have to say that I don'r really liked the scent but I absolutely adored the flacon. Classiness at it's best. I think the No 5 is not a scent for everybody but it's definitely worth writing about. And at least I can wear a shirt with it on it! I wanted to go for a casual, edgy yet chic look for this outfit so what's better than choosing some black elegant pumps? Always, always try to go with black sexy pumps if you want to dress up an casual look and make it more chic. Wouldn't it look so much different with converse? Think about it. I truly believe that shoes are the most important thing about any look. They're giving the last and final touches to it and with a pair of shoes you can really say if an outfit is casual or elegant or chic.

July 21, 2015


BLACK & WHITE I don't really know why but I'm so much more creative at night time it's crazy. I'm writing 90% of my articles at nights including this one. Maybe it's because I'm all by myself, everything is quiet and it's just another feeling at night. I think it even has been proven that most of the people can work better at night? But anyway... Let's talk fashion shall we? If you are following me on Instagram (@thetrendique) you'll probably know that I'm currently living in sneakers and especially my black converse. Since it has been rainy these past days they were the perfect shoes for me. Comfortable and still quite fashionable. I mean, I've even seen converse chucks at fashion week paired up with crazy dresses. I used to have two or three pairs of them, but I sold them since I wasn't really wearing them. Well, turned out I kinda missed having them, bought them again, of course in black and loving them so much lately.

I really wanted to combine a dress with them for the contrast of casual and elegant but it was a little bit too cold that day so I decided to go for a simple casual look instead. Another thing I've been obsessing over lately is this gorgeous little fluffy feather bag. I just can't stand it's fluffiness. Seriously, if you can still find it at River Island - touch it!!! I know this is a super casual look but you know that I am all about daytime wearable looks and everyday wear so you can easily style them yourself. I still tried to bring a little bit ''variety'' in this look by adding this fluffy bag. This is basically my all time favorite casual on-the-go look. You can never go wrong with black skinny jeans paired up with a nice sweater. Maybe it's not that fashionable and oh-so-trendy... but hey, at least you can wear it on a daily bases. And please, let's take a second and appreciate this cool sweater. I was loving and admiring these original ''Homies Paris'' sweaters from Brian Lichtenberg I think it was... but 1st: They are very expensive and 2nd: I just couldn't spend so much money on just a simple casual sweater. So you can imagine how happy I was when I found this inspired one. You can find the sweater right here.


July 19, 2015


THESE CASUAL DAYS It's sunday which means relaxing time at it's best. I just jumped out of the shower, sitting on my bed and waiting for the rain to end. This weather has been crazy lately. Seriously. Yesterday it was super hot again (the heatwave got us back) and today I woke up to an absolute insane rain shower. Haven't seen and heard that much rain in a really long time. Today I wanted to show you this casual sporty look I wore a few days ago when it was really hot outside. Too hot always means to heels for me so I decided to create an outfit around my favorite Air Max sneakers. There was a time a few month ago when I was basically living in my Air Max. I was wearing them every single day and with any outfit possible. They are just way too comfy and still looking good with so many different looks. I recently saw a streetstyle picture of one wearing a casual dress paired with Air Max and totally got inspired by it.

I wanted to recreate a similar look yet with a chic kind of touch. I got this dress or shirt or whatever you like to call it quite some time ago but never worn it until now. I didn't really had an idea on how to combine it but I knew I really wanted to wear it as a dress. Now, as it was really short I decided to just put on a simple black skirt underneath it so I'll be on the save side. Especially if you're around with the subway all day you wanna make sure everything is save, if you know what I mean. I was really happy with the outcome of the sneakers and the dress but wanted to add some chicness (is that even a word?!) to finish it up. Tried out some of my bags but fell in love with my good old fluffy feather one. You have no idea how fluffy it is!!! Everyone talking to me immediately wanted to touch it... But it's o.k - I had to touch it as well, all the time. When it's so hot outside I always try to avoid most of the jewelry and just go with the needed basics just like a pair of sunglasses. Decided to go for a little matchy matchy and chose my beloved purple mirrored Ray-Ban's.


July 17, 2015


CLOSET ESSENTIALS As promised I am bringing more variety onto the Trendique and today I'm sharing with you a part of my closet. I planned on doing these closet diaries on a regular bases from now on - showing and sharing with you always my favorite closet and fashion essentials. But before we get into the beautiful part you'll probably wondering where my closet system is from. Well, everything is from IKEA from their popular PAX closet system. You can basically install your own dream closet with so many different features they have. I always had the PAX system but always upgraded a little bit more. I'm still not 100% happy with it but it's o.k for now and I hope you'll get some inspiration from it. I personally always get so inspired from all these stunning walk-in-closets seen on Tumblr, Instagram, WeHeartIt etc... 

But now let's get to my favorite closet essentials: As you can probably tell, I am a little Louis Vuitton addict. The damier ebene print is by far my favorite just because it looks so classy and matches with everything. Even with other prints it looks gorgeous and so luxurious. I had the Speedy30 ones in the typical monogram print but turned out it wasn't really my thing so I sold her. The speedy you see in this picture is the size 35 which is perfect as an everyday or work bag as you can fit really a lot of things in it. However, a MacBook is not going to fit in there... Next thing: Pumps. No closet is completed without the perfect pair of sexy black pumps. Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik? That would be my dream, but for know my favorite pumps in my closet are these gorgeous Zara babies and they totally remind me of a pair Jimmy Choo used to have in his collection of Pumps. After shoes comes what? Right, statement jewelry. Statement jewelry is by far my favorite way to style up an simple outfit. Try it yourself: Skinny jeans, white or black simple tee and then add your favorite statement necklace. You'll see the difference.

July 15, 2015


BLACK AGAIN...I really hope you liked the previous article which was the New York City guide and maybe got some inspirations or ideas out of it. I haven't travelled the world (yet) and haven't been to loads of different countries but maybe I'll do some more city guides in the near future. Warsaw for example... Which is my favorite place in the whole wide world after NYC. Today I'm coming at you tho with another fashion related article and guess what - yeah you've seen it - it's black again. I'm seriously so sport for that but hey, at least there's a bright cobalt blue bag in it!!! These past couple of days have been very rainy and cloudy so I was just not in the mood for colors... I think you can understand that even tho you seemed to like me wearing more color - so thanks for that. 

I think there are some warmer days coming up soon so I'll prepare some more colored looks for you then. But first, let us talk about this beauty of a bag. She's just stunning in her beautiful cobalt vibrant blue color isn't she?! I got her at least two years ago and haven't worn her out for a looong time now. But as you know, I love to bring some color in my outfits just by adding the right accessories. A bag is always a good idea. Especially in pink (like in my last fashion post) or in a cobalt blue color. Those two colors are definitely my favorite for a bag eye catcher. You've probable noticed it but this bag is a little Givenchy inspired which is probably my second favorite thing about it. I really like the structure of this bag and how it stands so nicely when you're not holding it. Oh, and we can not forget about the other little pop of color which you can find on my wrist. It matches perfectly!!! Always good to have a little matchy matchy theme going on... Am I right? I'm really sorry for the wet ground btw but it was constantly raining, then stopped for like 10 minutes, then continued. So we had to wait in the car for the rain to stop, jump out and shoot quickly, jumped back into the car and it started pouring again. But we made it!

July 14, 2015


NYC DREAMING It's almost 3 in the morning while I'm typing this but I can't sleep and thinking about a lot of things instead. I remember I told you so many times that I'll bring in more other things on the Trendique. More beauty... More lifestyle... But I never really sticked to it. There are so many things I could write about and tell you guys about. Things I love, things I hate... Cities I've been to, countries I've seen... Beauty tricks I've learned and make-up products I love. I haven't done one of my beauty talk articles for a really long time now and guess what? I really miss them! I'm definitely trying to bring those back as well. I just found this picture (above) on my favorite inspiration platform WeHeartIt and an new idea popped up in my head right away. Why not writing a New York City guide kind of article?

I have been to NYC twice and it is without a doubt my favorite place on earth and the best place I've ever been to. New York is my absolute dream home and I would absolutely love to live there one day. Since I'm born and raised in a big city I know what it's like to be surrounded by many people, tourists, everyday and everywhere. Of course NYC is a whole other story but it wasn't that different for me - it only was ten times better!!! The first time I flew over was around Easter time when the weather was perfect for a city trip and the second time was in the middle of the hottest summer I could imagine. The smell, the noise, the extreme heat - everything was seriously SO exhausting but still SO freaking amazing. I can't even describe what's it's like to walk the streets of Manhattan under a extreme heat wave... I have to say that it doesn't really sounds really nice but trust me, I had the best time of my life. And that has to mean something because I'm the first person who stays at home all day not doing anything because it's too hot during a heat wave here in the city. NYC is just pure magic.  There are so many things to discover, so many beautiful places and breathtaking views. If you wanna learn more about my favorite hotspots in NYC - hit the read more button and join me on this little adventure.


July 13, 2015


SURVIVED FASHION WEEK Berlin fashion week is now officially over and I'm very happy about that. It seriously was so tiring and exhausting to rush from one thing to another. If you've read my previous article from MBFW DAY 4 you'll know that I've actually planned on wearing a black dress but then decided last minute to switch it all up. This is the dress so I thought I'll show you this right after the last day of fashion week. I absolutely love the cut of the dress at the bottom and on the sleeves. It's so simple but still not just a shirt dress. You can definitely dress is up and down - just how you prefer it. I decided to dress it up a little bit with my favorite pair of pumps. I am so sorry you've seen these pumps basically on every outfit post lately but I just love them to death. They are getting more and more comfortable every time I wear them and they're matching with everything.

Since I didn't want to have another all black look I decided to bring just a little color in - a pop of pink. I totally forgot about this stunning hot pink clutch bag which I got in NYC two years ago. I looove the vibrant pink and the silver hardware and it's a perfect eye-catcher for an all black look. Well, I know, now it's not anymore a true all black look but you know what I mean. This little pink dude is the perfect summer bag and I wish I'd remembered it a little earlier as the summer weather seems to be gone now. It really cooled down about more than 10°C degrees and it's supposed to be rainy the next few days... I don't know why the german weather can't find a good in between super duper hot and cold. Either it's way too hot (especially here in the middle of the city) or it's super cold, windy and rainy. What's wronnggg with you german weather god?! 22°C everyday with a sunny sky would be absolutely lovely. But oh well, we obviously have to take what we'll get.

July 11, 2015


LAST DAY OF FASHION WEEK So this article should've been up yesterday as it was MBFW DAY 4 and that was my outfit for that day. However, I was sitting on my laptop all evening and all night until almost five in the morning trying to get the images on my MacBook but it failed every single time. I don't know what's wrong with my iPhoto but something was just simply broken. It seriously drove me crazy!!! I think I fixed it in the end so I could import at least half of the images. After a little sleep I'm on my way to do hair & make-up for my cousins graduation right know, typing this article in the bus. Crazy, I know. If you're following me on Instagram (@thetrendique) you've probably already seen one sneaky peak of this look.

As I've said, yesterday was the last day of Berlin fashion week and we decided to basically skip all of our meetings and one show simply because we were exhausted as hell from the other days. Fashion week is always super hectic and exhausting so we just took some time to shoot our looks. Now, if you've read my previous article from MBFW DAY 3 then you'll know I actually planned on wearing all black again. Don't know how this happened but it did. I'm just way too obsessed with black at the moment but I thought: "No. Seriously. I can't wear black on every single day of fashion week." So I did a super duper last minute shopping the evening before and found this amazing red dress. I've always wanted a red dress which also can be worn casual. For only €15 in the sale it was a total bargain and I'm more than happy with it. You can either wear it with converse for a casual yet chic look or just like I did, with some pumps to lengthen your legs, of course AND most importantly to give the dress the elegance it needs. Since the weather cooled down I couldn't wear it on itself and had to throw on a leather jacket as well to keep me warm. It was still a little cold because of the crazy wind tho.


July 9, 2015


FASHION WEEK MADNESS First things first: Because of other planning I needed to skip fashion week day 2 and continue on day 3 which was today. And you guys, I just realized that even my second look for MBFW is black, all black. And guess what?! My outfit I've planned for tomorrow which is another dress but totally different cut like day 1 - it's also black. I don't know what happened but it feels like I fell in a black color pot. Seriously. Maybe it's because the weather cooled down very much after this incredible heat wave we had, so I'm just feeling more like wearing black and classic tones. By the way - my outfit which I planned on wearing tomorrow for day 4 almost didn't arrived. We had a huge strike going on from the post men so I was waiting 4 weeks to get my parcel and had it in the mail today. Thank god. That's what I call a perfect timing.

I'm having really bad headaches right know even tho the planing for today wasn't that bad. I started my day quite early (for me) in the morning with the beautiful Bibi from Bibi goes chic magazine, we met at her hotel and we did a little photo shooting for her blog. Afterwards I met up with my partner in crime Nina from HelloShopping and we started shooting our looks. Next meeting and first show of the day was the Barre Noire fashion show which had a truly amazing beginning. He had two super talented and professional dancers at the beginning, with nice music and great charisma. It really was something different to all the other shows. It is now 8.40 and I just realized that I'm having another show at 9.30 but I think I'm gonna skip this one as well... as I am already laying on my couch and need to be fit more tomorrow, the last day of MBFW. Stay updated for my last look tomorrow.


July 7, 2015


BERLIN FASHION WEEK KICK OFF It's on!!! Berlin fashion week is in town!!! Today was the first day of fashion week and I'm showing you here my outfit that I wore today for the kick off. Today was probably our craziest day of this whole week. We started our day super early and met up at 10am. Since traffic is so crazy while fashion week and parking almost not possible we sadly had to skip our first stage show at 11am because we didn't found any parking... After that we decided to stop by our friends over at the ShopStyle Sanctuary (they rented a stunning loft) to have some quality time, food, drinks and nice chats with the ShopStyle girls and boys. After that we had some time until the Vektor show at 4pm so we decided to sit down at the Adlon hotel, have some lemonade and ice coffee and just chill. By the way - it was so hot today so it was honestly no fun today, it was just exhausting and really hard work.

After we cooled down a little bit we headed straight to the MBFW pavilion right behind the Brandenburger Tor and attended the Vektor show which I really loved. Perfect sleek and simple designs, perfect music - everything was perfect. Anyway I really love designer that do daytime wearable designs so it's way more interesting in my opinion 'cause you can really think about it like ''Oh, yeah, I could imagine myself wearing this and that...'' You know what I mean? Now, don't get me wrong, I like other designers with more extravagant designs too, but it's not for everyday wear. And last but not least: The Marcel Ostertag show to end this first day of Berlin fashion week. Marcel Ostertag is a jung, really popular german designer and he created a fabulous show with his team at Admiralspalast on Friedrichstraße. So, it was a whole other location then all of the other shows, but truly a great experience. Oh, and we can not forget about my outfit. I'm always quite picky when it comes to choosing outfits for fashion week but for today it was very easy. Why? Because it was freaking hot (heatwave is still testing us) and all I could think of was a short dress. 

July 6, 2015


HOT HOT SUMMER I'm sitting in my bed right now with the fan on right beside me trying to beat this unbelievable heat. Seriously, it's been SO hot these past couple of days and I am honestly asking myself everyday how I will survive this heatwave. Right now we have 35°C in the shadow which obviously means it's even hotter out in the sun. I really wish I would be anywhere were I have a pool or sea all day long but it's easier said then done. Of course I could go to one of our pools or seas here in Berlin but I'm so exhausted that I can't really make one single step. Now, don't get me wrong I love summer... but over 40°C in the sun is just way too hot if you're in a big city. Luckily it's going to cool down a little bit next week... well, let's hope so. 

Like the title of this article already says: This a a true tropical summer this year - which means we can wear all of our beautiful, colorful, printed, short and flattery summer dresses!!! Yay! If you've read my last articles you'll know that I'm kind of back on track on my #AllBlack and #AllWhite trip but when it's that hot and sunny outside I'm just only craving colorful colors. This dress is everything. I found it at a local, quite inexpensive no-name boutique the other day and immediately fell in love with it. I've collected some of my favorite colorful summer dresses below so you can shop similar ones. And for you guys living in Berlin - the boutique is called 'Fashion Club'. As you can probably tell by the pictures, every detail of this look is colorful. I found this cute little cross body bag again in my closet which I had for two years now I guess... Only downside: I can't fit my iPhone 5 inside so I had to carry it in my hand. I just checked my phone and it got even one degree hotter in the last 15 minutes so I'm gonna go now and crab some ice gold juice to cool me down a little bit.

July 5, 2015


SUMMER TIME BARGAINS Since this years summer sale is already on I thought why not collect some of my favorite summer fashion bargains for you? The range is huge. From Valentino to Tory Burch and Asos to River Island. There is something for everyone and for every budget. I have to say that I haven't gotten a n y t h i n g until now from this years summer sale but honestly... I could buy e v e r y t h i n g. Not a great idea for my bank account tho... So I'm trying to stay strong not buying anything. Well, maybe a few things. How cute are the Valentino rock stud sandals?! I've been eyeing them basically since they came out but almost $1.000 for a pair of shoes is just too much. I couldn't make it work out with my mind yet. Now they're on sale for a little over $700 which is definitely much better but still a lot of money. So if you wanted them for such a long time just like I did - it's your turn now. GET THEM!!! And I'll be jealous of you.

Another one with a great summer sale selection is definitely River Island. They're having the best stuff even when it's not on sale it's very affordable but even better now with the sale. Also - remember one of my previous article where I was talking about the casual basics? River Island and Asos are two perfect places to find great basic pieces in the sale. You can basically never have enough white and black tops just because they're so timeless and you can wear them with anything. And for the Giuseppe Zanotti lovers I have something really cool: The Studded Heel Sandal with Buckle Details are on SALE for unbelievable $350. That's what I call a true summer bargain!!! And for the Saint Laurent addicts: The Monogram Clutch is on SALE for $805. I hope I've collected something for everyone of you and I wish you HAPPY SHOPPING!


July 4, 2015


FEELS LIKE ITALY... Today was probably the hottest day I've ever lived and I just got home from another shooting, ice-cream and shopping with the fam. Quality time well spend I would say, but definitely not the best decision while the heatwave is over Berlin. Everything that's over 25°C is just too much for me. And guess what? Today we had 39°C in the shadow! So a little ice-cream getaway was much needed and shopping of course only in a center with A/C turned on. This look I'm showing you today we shot yesterday and don't you think that there is a total italy feeling going around? Not only because of the italian flag in the background but even the building, the light, everything... And no, this is still in Berlin. You're probably wondering why there's a italian flag, well, the answer is simple: That's a italian hotel called 'Hotel de Rome'.

Which is by the way a super nice spot to go to when in Berlin. They're having a beautiful roof terrace with an amazing view over the city with some nice drinks, just like Hugo etc. But back to the outfit: As you've read in my previous article which was all about the white playsuit I'm coming at you today with a black one. You can officially call me the playsuit-lady. I've had this one for two years already I guess and found it in the back of my closet again. I really like the back part of it even tho one of the bands has already decided to fall off (but I think you can't see it on the pictures, which is great). The cut of this one is also a little bit different around the waist and stomach area so I decided to put on a little golden waist belt to finish it off. Turned out it kind of looks like a little black dress now, don't you think so? Oh, and yes - I'm wearing heels again even tho it was super hot on this day as well but I just don't really like the look of playsuit with bare legs and no heels, so I do prefer my heeled sandals. Those nude ones are from Zara also two years ago and they're very comfortable to walk in so it was not that big of a deal.

July 3, 2015


SUMMER WHITES This summer is definitely all about white. Without a doubt. White is just so classy and elegant and perfect for hot summer days and nights. I'm still a huge fan of #AllBlack but for summer I'm definitely more on the white side (of life). White does not only look good on you, it totally gives other people a positive impression. Every time I see someone wearing white or even #AllWhite it gives me a happy summer feeling. Probably sounds a little dumb right now, haha, but it's totally true. You've seen this playsuit once before but I wore a blazer over it so you couldn't see it properly. Since the weather is so freaking hot these days (almost 40° degrees) I'm living in my playsuits and wanted to share it with you one more time.

The material of this one is really light which is perfect for those super hot days. But I think my favorite part of this playsuit is the cut. I absolutely love the cut at the neck and the two straps - it's just something different. Also - you don't have to wear a bra with it. Ladies, you hearing me, right?! Isn't it the best feeling? The struggle is real I'm telling you. I'm always trying to avoid as many fabrics as possible on those hot days, just because it's seriously SO exhausting if you're dressed too warm, sweating like a pig, can't breathe properly but still you have to get things done and running around the city. You know what I mean if you're living in a big capital, like I do. Sometimes I really wish I could go on holidays, on a beautiful island, all summer long. But we have to face the truth and that's also why I decided to wear flats to this look - it's just too exhausting wearing heels in this heat wave. As you can tell from the pictures, I've applied some of my flash tattoos again 'cause I loved them so much last time BUT I have to admit that it's not the best thing with these temperatures... It didn't lasted very long and slowly fell off after a few hours.

July 1, 2015


BASICS & A POP OF COLOR Today we're talking all about our casual basics combined and styled to a casual yet classy daytime wearable look. If you're following the Trendique from the beginning you'll know that I always was all about daytime wearable looks. We've seen so many amazing high fashion inspirations all over which are stunning, no doubt - but let's be honest: You can't wear them on a daily bases. Even if I would love to but it wouldn't be suitable for a daily big city life. The key is that you can create so many different looks with just two of our casual basics: Simple tee and a pair of jeans. Of course I went for the ripped variant 'cause I'm absolutely obsessed with them lately. If you have selected your two casual basics, you can start with accessorizing the whole look together and make it stand out. 

The best way to make it look more eye-catching is definitely a pop of color. Since I ''shoes to be happy'' I chose my eye-catcher to be on my feet. Some colorful sandals or pumps are going perfectly with some ripped jeans and they're bringing more elegance back into this casual look. Next step would be - how could it be otherwise - jewelry. No look is completed without some jewelry and we wanna make sure to ad even more for a simple and casual one. I totally forgot about my flash-body-tattoos so I put on my beloved watch, bangles and my lovely Louis Vuitton bracelet, dainty necklace and some aviator sunglasses. Last step to make it perfect: The bag. I would've chosen a clutch for this one but since I wanted it to be casual and perfect for running errands I decided to go with my favorite every day bag: The Speedy35 from Louis Vuitton. You can fit all your stuff in it which is a huge plus and your outfit still looks on point with a classy bag. And by the way - if you're searching some new basics you can shop them HERE.
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