April 29, 2015


CHERRY BLOSSOM SPRING If you are following the Trendique for a long time then you might now that every year at this time I am a HUGE cherry blossom tree lover. They're blooming every year at the end of april/ beginning of may and they are absolutely stunning. A few days ago we found out that our beautiful neighborhood cherry blossoms are in it's full beauty so I get dresses, put my heels on and we went out for a cherry blossom shooting. Oh, and did you know that these cherry blossom trees are actually called ''Jakura'' tree which is japanese? But now back to the fashion part. Since one of my last articles where I talked about the pencil skirt trend, I got more and more obsessed with them so I decided to order another one. I got this electric blue one which is perfect for spring and the upcoming summer time. Good thing about pencil skirts: You can dress them up or down. I tried to do a little bit of both: Chilly sweater and sexy pumps.

April 26, 2015


❞ALL BLACK FOR SPRING?❝ The question that I'm asking myself lately is: Is all black for spring a good choice? Well, I came to the conclusion that it absolutely is!!! Of course we are all craving and looking for bright and colorful clothes in the spring and summer time but let's not forget about how classy and versatile and all black look can be. All black is always the ''last choice'' that's what I call it... juts because every time I'm in a rush and have no idea on what to wear or what to combine and o-m-g what colors?! - I'm coming out with an all black look and I'm ready to hit the streets. It's just SO easy yet super elegant and sexy. Well, of course it depends on what exactly you're combining but one thing is true: You can definitely wear all black all year around.

April 23, 2015


❝ALL BLACK EVERYTHING.❞ Every woman looks good in it and every woman should have at least one in their closet: The little black dress. When Coco Chanel designed it in the 1920s it got the biggest trend and a true revolution started. The little black dress is considered as a ''rule of fashion'' and it's such a statement piece until now. We're in the 21st century so a black dress is such a simple and normal thing for us but in the early 20s it was THE new fashion statement. Women started dressing more feminine again, showing off her figure and legs. Even in the famous movie ''Breakfast at Tiffany's'', Audrey Hepburn is wearing a classic black Givenchy dress designed by Hubert de Givenchy.


April 21, 2015


❞SPRING MAKE-UP FAVES.❝ Every year when spring has sprung everything gets brighter and more colorful. Not only my clothing is getting brighter, for my make-up routine I am also craving the most colorful colors possible. Bright pink is definitely my favorite for this spring. I can't even tell you how many times I've applied this perfect hot pink nail polish... And we can not forget the matching hot pink lipstick. Yes I'm crazy like that! If you're reading the Trendique for some time now, you already now that my favorite beauty brand is dior and so are all my spring favorites for this new beauty talk.


April 19, 2015


❝DESTROYED DENIM FOR THE WIN.❞ Every time I'm wearing this pair of destroyed denim pants all the grannys and grandpas on the street are looking at me like: ''What the heck is this girl wearing?!'' I know this pair of ripped denim really is super duper destroyed so they just have to think: ''Oh poor girl... Can't afford a new pair of jeans.'' LOL. But oh well, that's fashion nowadays. I personally love to wear destroyed pants in any kind because they are just so casual and chilled BUT you can also dress them up, just like I did for this look. You're seeing my new lovely bright pink blazer again for this look because I wanted to show his versatility.


April 15, 2015


❞THE GOOD OLD PENCIL SKIRT.❝ We have seen him every where, on the runways, in the magazines, on print, on the streets... THE PENCIL SKIRT. I have to admit that I am a new member in the pencil-skirt-lover's-club because I used to really dislike the length and shape of them, but now, I am a proud new fan. Pencil skirts are so classy and elegant and you can literally wear them to any occasion, you can even dress them down for a casual daytime wearable look. I decided to go with a full on pencil skirt look (that's how I like to call it) for this article since this is, in my opinion, the best way to pair a pencil skirt: HIGH HEELS. 


April 13, 2015


❝ALL OVER FLOWERS.❁❞ Today, since it is such a beautiful spring weather over here, we are talking about looong maxi dresses with fabulous prints. Have you ever had those days where you just don't know what to wear? Well, the answer is maxi dresses!!! Seriously, they are so easy and comfortable and perfect for spring and summer. The best thing about a maxi dress is definitely that you can just throw it on and you're ready to go. You don't have to worry about pairing pants and top and blazer, you just have one simple piece which looks probably even better then a fully combined look. I have to admit that I used to really hate dresses when I was a kid and still in my teenage years I always prefered a pair of skinny jeans... but know as an adult, I really enjoy wearing dresses, especially maxi dresses because they're just so comfortable and easy-breezy.


April 11, 2015


❞IT'S FESTIVAL TIME.❁❝ With spring being here and summer coming up it only means one thing: #COACHELLA. Coachella is an annual music festival located in beautiful California and every year at this particular time, people are going crazy over Coachella. It is the biggest festival known all around the globe. People are traveling around the globe just to be a part of it, the good thing is: All ages are welcome, so it's also perfect for families who just want to have a fabulous and unforgettable time. Even tho I am not a big fan of festivals, I personally think that Coachella is even more than that: FASHION!!! Every year you can find the coolest, craziest and sexiest festival looks over there and this year I decided to take some inspiration from the last few years and create my own Coachella inspired look. 

You don't have to be part of the musical, you can also just enjoy this ''festival season'' and change your dress codes a little bit for those two weekends and just enjoy the moment. Coachella is all about fringes, boots, crochet tops, crazy prints and hats... For the last few years, Coachella really got better and better and when it comes to fashion it's definitely the king of festivals. Since the whole Coachella festival is located in the Colorado desert, the outfit HAS to be practical and comfortable yet outstanding and fashionable. So what can I say? Definitely no killer heels, so I had to switch up my beloved heels to a pair of booties which I think going perfectly with this whole festival theme.

April 10, 2015


❝FEELIN' LIKE A UNICORN.❞ Yes, I now I probably look like a crazy unicorn but hey, sometimes you have to try something different. Something totally different. If you're following the Trendique for a long time now, then you'll now I used to really hated bright colors... But as we all know, our mood is changing constantly as well as our style. Sometimes you wear all natural and sometimes you're in the mood for the brightest colors, well, at least that's how I feel most of the time. For this look I think I did something, for me, really new and crazy: I paired two of the most conspicuous colors ever, but I quite like this different look.


April 7, 2015


❞GET OUT YOUR SUNNIES.❝ After some looong days of not so fabulous spring weather here in Berlin I'm coming at you today with a brand new look featuring my new oh-so-stunning Ray-Ban's. I originally planned on showing you a whole spring series with those sunnies just because they are the most perfect accessory for any spring look but thanks to the weather... I had to switch up my spring looks and start with another look first. The spring series will still come, so keep an eye open for that! So let's start with this little khaki jacket which I just recently got and immediately fell in love with. The material is very light and thin which makes it perfect for spring and summer (and yes, it was super duper cold while shooting this look).

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