March 19, 2015


“GIRLFRIEND JEANS & DADDY'S SHIRT“ We all love the trendy boyfriend jeans, don't we?! But let's be honest... They are every where and everyone has them. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely a huge fan of boyfriend jeans even tho I haven't found the perfect one for me yet... sad I know. BUT there is something new on the fashion market that could be very interesting for us woman: The girlfriend jeans. The girlfriend jeans is basically the more feminine version of the good old boyfriend jeans. It's definitely tighter and higher at the hip and with a slim straight leg cut. But is there really a huge difference between the girlfriend and the boyfriend? Well, I think so:

This is just my personal statement but I really think you can see a difference especially when it comes to the fit. You can see that the girlfriend is so much more feminine then the boyfriend and suits us slim woman much more. It's a whole other thing when you're not buying the right size tho... because when you're getting a girlfriend jeans two sizes too big, then it probably will look like a boyfriend on you. And same thin just the other way around: When you're getting a boyfriend jeans two sizes too small it will probably look like a girlfriend on you. But anyway - I'm definitely more the girlfriend jeans kind of woman.

 If you had asked me a few years ago to wear a boyfriend OR girlfriend jeans I for sure as hell would've said N-O. Yes, I was probably the biggest ''hater'' from all pants not skinny and tight. I just hated the feeling of a loose fit pants so much, so it was impossible for me to wear something like this. But now... I don't know way but I have to admit that I LOVE IT. I feel so comfortable every time I wear them and it's just a great statement as a pant. Oh, and I definitely have my eyes on the destroyed denim ones so you'll probably see more in the future.


  1. Love this girlfriend jeans on you! Have you seen mine already?

    <img src="" alt="#Oh hello, GIRLFRIEND JEANS!” />

  2. Lovely shoot! I have something similar. Can I team this with a crop top like this one?


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