March 19, 2015


❝MY SPRING MAKE-UP MUST HAVES.❞ Spring is here!!!! How exciting?! I can't even tell you how happy I am that my all time favorite season is now FINALLY and officially back in town. In terms of this new season popping up there are a few things that every woman should change (at least a little bit) in her routine. And with routine I mean everything from clothing to make-up. Colors should get more intense and bright, that's for sure! When the sun hits my face in the morning I always get more excited for the day and for doing my make-up. I automatically crave for more bright and colorful colors especially when it comes to lipstick. When I was at the drugstore the other day I saw such a intense orange lipliner but I just couldn't manage to get it, because I was a little afraid... Now I regret it and will definitely go back and get it. What's better than a bright intense orange lip for spring?!

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