March 19, 2015


“I LOVE ROCK N' ROLL.“ I have always loved the rock touch to outfits and especially for my every day looks (when I was just running errands) I always loved wearing a simple rockband tee with a leather jacket on top. Now don't get me wrong, I still love my elegant-chic style, but sometimes, all I want to wear is a good pair of embelleshed leather jacket. But you know what?! The good thing is that you can even make a leather jacket like this look super elegant. I tried to give it a chance for this look and decided to pair up this gorgeous leather piece with my little black dress, some knee high boots and my favorite little Alma. This combination is definitely not for everyone, but I absolutely love it and it's definitely my style. I'm always happy when I have a little touch of rock to an outfit.

If you're reading the Trendique on a regular bases you'll know that I am ob-ses-sing over my two leather jackets and wearing them probably all the time but THIS gorgeous embellished baby is definitely something different. I just fell in love with this piece right away. By the way: Did you know that a leather jacket has been worn in the early 1900s by aviators and members of the military? During the Second World War they became known as ''bomber jackets'' and were heavily popular and loved for their warmth. In the later-half of the 20th century, the leather jacket, achieved iconic status and has been the most popular clothing piece ever since. Doesn't matter if it's real or faux leather - leather jacket is leather jacket and looks superb in every form.


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  1. Lady, whenever you wear your leather long boots, leather jacket and mini skirt, you're divine!


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