March 30, 2015


❝OH MY JUICY...♛❞ You wanna know a secret? I am madly madly... obsessing over Juicy Couture lately. I never really payed attention to this brand I don't even know why but since the end of last year when they had a HUGE sale going on I am the biggest fan ever. I've been browsing around their website like a crazy person and always find something new what I want. If you ask me what's my favorite piece to hang around with I'll for sure would say it's my Juicy tracksuit!!! I have two of them, one in light pink and one in cobalt blue and the jacket from the blue one you can check out today in this special article.


March 29, 2015


❞SOME DIFFERENT KIND OF PANTS.❝ I'm still not quite sure if you can really call this ''thing'' pants because it also kind of looks like a skirt when you're wearing it... but it's supposed to be a pair of pants. Some different kind of pants and yes I have to admit that it is something totally different for me but since a few weeks I just love to try out new styles and that's one of them. Those pants are definitely not for everyone but they're the most comfortable and airy pants for spring and the upcoming summer time. And with ''airy'' I mean super duper mega airy because this material is basically flying around like crazy, but it's fun.


March 28, 2015


❝WALKING IN MY ADIDAS.❞ Sometimes we're all having those days were we just want to throw on our sweats and good to go. Be honest. We ALL have those days :) In my personal life those days are basically getting more and more, so I honestly stopped counting them... Today's article is all about these stunning Adidas sweatpants which I fell madly in love with. If you're reading and following the Trendique for a while now then you probably have heard me talking about how much I love comfortable sweat looks A LOT. It is just so easy, so comfortable yet so stylish. And yes I know it has sadly nothing to do with elegance (and you know how much I love my elegant themed outfits) but let's be honest... Every woman can look elegant in whatever she's wearing.

March 25, 2015


❞A SPARKLING HEADPIECE.♛❝ Keep your head up high, otherwise your crown will fall down. I think every one of us woman has heard this quote before, right? It's definitely one of my all time favorite quotes because it is just SO true. Every woman should walk with her head up high through her life, confident and pretty. And when I say 'pretty' I don't mean she has to wear pretty designer clothing... I mean it in a more personal and down-to-earth way. The thing is that every woman on this planet is pretty in her own way and that's exactly the problem because not every woman knows that. I know exactly what I'm talking about because I felt the same way a few years ago but one thing you always have to remember: If your pretty from the inside, you're pretty from the outside.

March 23, 2015


❝SPRING AND ALL IT'S BEAUTY.❁❞ If you're following my adventure on Instagram (@kandziav), then you'll already know that I was in Potsdam for one day with my lovely friend Nina. When living in Berlin you are basically never leaving this city for a day-trip because there is just nothing really around... Well, besides Potsdam. Potsdam is a beautiful little city which you can reach easily by car or even train from the center of Berlin and that's exactly what we did on that absolutely stunning day. I've just started visiting Potsdam more and more and I have to say I've definitely fallen in love with this cute city. There is so much beauty to look at and so many cute little restaurants and cafés.

March 21, 2015


❞OBSESSING OVER THOSE JEANS.❝ Here I am with the first official spring look of 2015. I can't believe it's already the end of march, the beginning of spring and almost easter. You can't even imagine how beautiful the weather was a few days ago when we shot these pictures... It was literally sunny the whole entire day. And yes, I just can't stop wearing my girlfriend jeans, they're a way too cool and I love them so much. But I have to say that theres so better pants for this time of the year... You can pair them with basically everything from chic to casual and from classy to comfy. 

March 19, 2015


❝MY SPRING MAKE-UP MUST HAVES.❞ Spring is here!!!! How exciting?! I can't even tell you how happy I am that my all time favorite season is now FINALLY and officially back in town. In terms of this new season popping up there are a few things that every woman should change (at least a little bit) in her routine. And with routine I mean everything from clothing to make-up. Colors should get more intense and bright, that's for sure! When the sun hits my face in the morning I always get more excited for the day and for doing my make-up. I automatically crave for more bright and colorful colors especially when it comes to lipstick. When I was at the drugstore the other day I saw such a intense orange lipliner but I just couldn't manage to get it, because I was a little afraid... Now I regret it and will definitely go back and get it. What's better than a bright intense orange lip for spring?!


“I LOVE ROCK N' ROLL.“ I have always loved the rock touch to outfits and especially for my every day looks (when I was just running errands) I always loved wearing a simple rockband tee with a leather jacket on top. Now don't get me wrong, I still love my elegant-chic style, but sometimes, all I want to wear is a good pair of embelleshed leather jacket. But you know what?! The good thing is that you can even make a leather jacket like this look super elegant. I tried to give it a chance for this look and decided to pair up this gorgeous leather piece with my little black dress, some knee high boots and my favorite little Alma. This combination is definitely not for everyone, but I absolutely love it and it's definitely my style. I'm always happy when I have a little touch of rock to an outfit.



“GIRLFRIEND JEANS & DADDY'S SHIRT“ We all love the trendy boyfriend jeans, don't we?! But let's be honest... They are every where and everyone has them. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely a huge fan of boyfriend jeans even tho I haven't found the perfect one for me yet... sad I know. BUT there is something new on the fashion market that could be very interesting for us woman: The girlfriend jeans. The girlfriend jeans is basically the more feminine version of the good old boyfriend jeans. It's definitely tighter and higher at the hip and with a slim straight leg cut. But is there really a huge difference between the girlfriend and the boyfriend? Well, I think so:


March 1, 2015


❞JUST A LITTLE SOMETHING FROM TIFFANY...❝ If you're following The Trendique on Instagram then you know that it was my birthday just a few days ago and I can't believe I finally turned 20. YAY!!! I always dreamed about Tiffany jewelry but never got my hands on a piece... I don't really know why but I think I always found something else I wanted a little more. You ladies know what I'm talking about, right? But as I couldn't leave my eyes from the pretty blue boxes I thought it's the perfect occassion to get my first little blue box for my 20th birthday. If not now, when?!

I have to say, the decision was pretty hard because they have an ah-mah-zing selection of so many pretty things... A real women's dream I can tell you. I knew that I wanted a classic little timeless piece as my first ever Tiffany purchase so I was stuck in the ''Return to Tiffany'' corner. As you can see on the pictures below, I decided to go for this little silver beauty which caught my eye right away. I am completely in love with it and I think I will never take it off... for now. AND it goes perfectly with my tricolor Michael Kors watch.

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