February 19, 2015


MAKE-UP PRODUCTS I COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT.“ I am very happy to finally sit down on my mac book again and write a new article for you. It feels like it has been such a long time since I updated on here, but I just have been super sick with a bad tonsillitis and on top of that the typical flu. So I was basically laying in bed and sleeping all day long... Drinking tea and taking medicine and trying to get my energie back. I'm still not 100% recovered but I'm definitely feeling a lot better so I thought it's the perfect time to show you my all time favorite make-up must haves.

Rouge Dior lipstick in “671 Deauville“: I know this color might be too bright for some people, but I have to say that this bright pink lipstick was my go-to lip color for the last couple of weeks. I've always wanted the perfect bright pink lipstick but trust me, it's kinda hard to find the one that really suits you. I personally think there's nothing better than glam up any simple and dark winter outfit with a bright popping pink.

Dior Vernis nail polish in “661 Bonheur“:  Same thing, just for the nails. I just love matching lips and nails so I was basically rocking this gorgeous pink tone for my nails all day every day. Even combined with my silver Michael Kors watch (which you have seen in my last articles) it was a really nice contrast.

Dior Addict lipgloss in “004 Tiara“: I think the name of the gloss says it all, am I right? I'm normally don't a lipgloss girl because I simply don't like the sticky consistency, at all. But yes, you can call me crazy because when I saw this new gloss which is called Tiara and has the most beautiful sparkly and shimmery finish to it, I just couldn't resist. You can use this baby on it's own for an beautiful natural shimmer on your lips or you can use it on top of your lipstick to give it an even more outstanding color effect.

Diorshow Fusion Mono eyeshadow in “281 Cosmos“: This eyeshadow color is perfect for gray/blue eyes because it has this amazing sparkly gray-ish/blue shimmer in it which will makes your eyes pop, I'll promise. On a day-to-day bases I normally don't wear heavy eye make-up, I always goe for a quite natural eye and just put my bronzer also in the crease of my eyelid to give it more depth. But when I do want a little more I'll definitely go with this long-wear eyeshadow which you can also get in different colors as well.


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