February 19, 2015


GET YOUR SUNNIES OUT.“ I seriously can't believe this year started off so amazingly fast. We're already at the end of february and my birthday countdown has officially started. Yay! Only 4 day left until I'm finally turning 20. Call me crazy but I always wanted to be 20... I don't now why but even when I was a little girl I always looked up to the young woman who are hard working and so sophisticated. So you can imagine that I'm super duper excited for my upcoming birthday. Today I'm coming at you with a brand new look which we shooted just a few days ago when the weather was truly amazing. It was the very first day this year were the sun was shining and on top of that, it was quite warm.


MAKE-UP PRODUCTS I COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT.“ I am very happy to finally sit down on my mac book again and write a new article for you. It feels like it has been such a long time since I updated on here, but I just have been super sick with a bad tonsillitis and on top of that the typical flu. So I was basically laying in bed and sleeping all day long... Drinking tea and taking medicine and trying to get my energie back. I'm still not 100% recovered but I'm definitely feeling a lot better so I thought it's the perfect time to show you my all time favorite make-up must haves.

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