January 18, 2015


❞PEARS ARE A WOMAN'S BEST FRIEND.❞ I know the famous quote is saying that diamonds are a girls best friend and I totally agree with that, but for today and for me in general are pearls my new best friend. I never had such a big obsession with pearls until now.. I even thought they're mostly for older people and not really for a young woman. Well, my mind totally changed and I am the biggest pearly fan right know. Everytime I see some pearly jewelry I can't leave it there, I just have to get my hands on it. Just like these earrings I decided to wear for this look. I found them at (believe it or not) my local H&M boutique and they'te the most stunning and inexpensive earrings ever. So little shopping tip by the side: If you're looking for new pearly jewels definitely check out your local H&M boutique. The jewelry there is getting better and better.
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