September 18, 2014


THE LONGER THE COAT, THE BETTER.Now I'm officially welcoming back summer because the weather over here was seriously so hot the last couple of days, it kind of feels a little bit unreal. BUT I have to say a little sun never killed nobody... The only one thing which kind of annoys me is that I've already planned so many great autumn outfits which I can't shoot while it's that hot outside. So I had to change my plans and make some new ones. Today we're talking about this ah-mah-zing long coat or blazer which is definitely one of the greatest statement pieces for every woman's wardrobe.

I was always afraid of those looong fitted coats, blazers or whatever just because I'm quite small. I know, actually everyone who only sees me on pictures think I'm quite tall but let's face it ladies: I'm only 1.66! I always find that I look totally weird in those long coats and they make me look even shorter than I already am. When I saw this particular one online I just thought well, I'm just gonna try it. I'm just gonna try it one more time. And yes, I did it. And I don't regret it which is G-R-E-A-T. I don't know what it is about this piece but I think it's because of the flattery cut in the front. It fits a small body nicely and looks really great even on shorter persons. Like I said before, I already planned this as a autumn look but I had to change it up because of the weather. I decided to combine it with a little black skirt with silver zippers on it and the highest pumps I could find in my closet. Paired up with a white simple blouse I created this summery looking black n' white look. Of course we can not forget about my little Alma making this outfit look even more special.

One this which is kind of my little favorite thing about this look is this gorgeous ring. I just got this ring as a present from my lovely girl Nina from HelloShopping. And yes I have a little story to tell about this day: I planned this whole look one night before our shoot but totally forgot about all jewelry... I was a little bit pissed of because I'm quite good at forgetting my jewelry and this happens to me A LOT lately. When Nina came up to me with this gorgeous ring I was basically happy like a little kid. AND the ring was going really nice with the look I chose for that day so everything was alright in the end.

❝Always be the best you can and everything will be alright.❞

This quote just popped up in my head and I had to share it with you right know. I really want to bring more and more inspirational quotes and stuff like that into my articles to make them a bit more interesting. Inspiration is such a great and huge thing in today's society. I truly believe that humans are meant to live by inspiration and by inspiring one another.One of the biggest inspirations I can get out of the internet and quotes. Simple and true quotes which are telling so much about people and human beings in general. You have no idea how many quote made so many bad days of mine WAY better. It can help us so much to just read one or two really good and inspiring quotes and your day could be saved. When you're having a bad day, just remember this article. Go to tumblr or weheartit and search for inspirational quote and I'll promise you, you'll find a good one for you.❤


Pumps - Zara {same HERE & similar HERE }

Coat - H&M { same HERE }

Bag - Louis Vuitton { same HERE }

Blouse - Zara { similar HERE & HERE }

Ring - Galeries Lafayette { similar HERE }

Skirt - H&M { similar HERE & HERE }

Enjoy your day, lovelies!



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