September 16, 2014


Fashion is more than just a good sense of style.❞ So now I would say we can welcome back summer because it is crazy warm and sunny summer weather over here. I've planned SO many autumn looks and even some winter looks but this weather really is killing all my plans. I went out this morning in a pair of denim pants, a sweater and my Nike's and you can't even imagine how sweaty and hot I was. I mean, come on! We're in the middle of september. I think we are all ready for autumn and winter now. Not only because I am more like a A/W person but I just have to admit that I absolutely adore all those trends that are coming up this season. So much more texture and structure which is way more outstanding than a simple summer dress, right?

Well, for today's look I've tried to create a autumn-inspired look as much as I can and it was still way too hot. Totally wished I'd chosen flip-flops and some shorts but oh well... So first, let me introduce you to my new favorite autumn booties which just arrived right in time for this outfit shooting. Remember this article some time ago where I was telling you that I can't find a perfect pair of booties? Well here you go: I know I was searching for flat ones but I just couldn't find any! I absolutely fell in love with these ones and the heel of them isn't that bad because the heel is quite chunky so it's definitely easy to walk in. And the best thing about these booties: The details are absolutely gorgeous. I'm in love with the faux pony hair on the sides and the gold buckles and zippers at the front part.


Pants ➠ Zara

Blouse ➠ Zara

Bag ➠ River Island

Shoes ➠ Nelly [NLY]

Earrings ➠ VK Collection

Keep smiling, lovelies❤



  1. Gosh! These boots are killing me! So fabulous! And they go great with the upper garments!

  2. Deine Fotos sind immer der Hammer :)

    Welche Kamera und welches Objektiv benutzt du? Ich bin zur Zeit auf der Suche nach einer neuen Ausrüstung.
    Vielen Dank für deine Hilfe!


    1. Hallo du Liebe,

      Vielen dank für deine lieben Worte :) Ich benutze die Nikon D600 + Nikon 85mm 1;1.8 Objektiv
      Das kann ich wirklich sehr empfehlen! :)



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