September 12, 2014


❝ You can never go wrong with all black an coffee.❞  Happy friday everyone #TGIF. As today's quote already says we can never go wrong with black. This is just a fact. Even if you have those bad days where you have no idea what to wear... Chose black an you'll be fine.  I honestly had such a hard time finding an outfit for this article because I just couldn't assess the weather going on over here. We're almost at the middle of september which is totally crazy and the weather is in this kind of situation where it don't know wether to be cold or warm. Did you ever noticed that at this time of the year people either still wearing their summer looks with little dresses or shorts OR even already their winter coats with Ugg's.
Well, I'm this type of person who likes to find a good in-between so I chose some leather pants and my new favorite little booties. Remember that I was searching for THE perfect autumn bootie? FOUND THEM!!! And I honestly never believed that I was ever finding shoes at H&M... Don't know what it really was but I was never satisfied with the quality of their shoes. When I saw these one sitting on the shelf I just had to try them on and was totally blown away when I noticed that they were comfortable and suited my feet perfectly. I know I was searching for flat ones but the heel of these ones isn't that bad so I guess it's O.K because I just can't go out with my ballet flats anymore, so I had to get them. Back to the outfit: I'm wearing a super fluffy and comfortable sweater with my favorite scarf to top it all of. And finally, for the details, I chose my lovely had, again. What better autumn accessory then hats?! Nothing, right.


Shoes - H&M

Pants - H&M

Sweater -

Hat - H&M

Bag - Warehouse via Asos

Scarf - H&M

Don't forget to smile❤


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