September 10, 2014


Sometimes all you need is a leather jacket to rock up any outfit.
As todays quote already says: Sometimes all you need is a leather jacket to rock up any outfit. I've always been a huge fan of leather jackets of all kinds and it's such a shame that I only own one pair. I got mine at Zara of last years A/W collection and I am obsessed with it till this day. This was basically one of my best purchases of my life. It was super inexpensive because it's faux leather but it actually totally looks like real leather and everyone who ever ask me about this jacket thinks it must've been super expensive. Cheers to good old Zara. You know that I am normally all about those classy, timeless and elegant styles BUT I love to try out something different every now and then. Remember that one outfit with the neon pink clutch? Well, I'm wearing the same Shirt in this look today but combined in a total different way.

I kept this look all black and white with silver details and no jewelry at all. I really wanted to take the eye-catcher on the leather jacket and as minimalistic as possible. This beautiful high waisted skirt is from the newest A/W collection by H&M and you can honestly wear it with everything and to any occasion. And that's the reason I got it: You can either dress it up or down. I just love those pieces that are so versatile. They are basically going with whatever you feel like. Like I said, I was trying out something a little bit different for this look so I chose this cropped shirt to go with the skirt and those wedged booties with silver hardware to match the leather jacket.


Skirt ☛ H&M

Leather jacket ☛ Zara

Shoes ☛

Shirt ☛ Urban Outfitters

Enjoy your day, lovelies!


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  1. This leather jacket rocks! And oh gosh, I am in love with your hair! <3


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