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August 23, 2016


fall outfit with blush colors
I've been already thinking quite a lot about the upcoming fall and as I was mentioning in one of my previous articles- it's better to start preparing your wardrobe for fall now, so you still have time to get everything together you might need for the new season. Of course fall is all about the dark colors... burgundy, dark green, black etc... but- I actually prefer to start a bit lighter for this fall and transfer the rosy blush shades into fall. Especially when it's a rainy and grey typical fall day, you'll have a much better mood in light blush colors!

Do you like blush colors for fall?

August 21, 2016


flare sleeve shirt
Flare sleeved shirts have been so on trend lately and I honestly don't know why it took me so long to jump on this trend train! I've been seeing outfits with beautiful flare sleeved shirts and dresses all over social media but always thought that this trend is not going to suit me because it's a very girly trend, but I immediately fell in love when I saw this amazingly beautiful flare sleeve shirt. It has truly the most beautiful details with the cute little bows on each arm and of course the sleeves are just gorgeous. Oh- and the most important thing is: The quality is surprisingly good as well which is really important for me!

I have to say that I actually spend quite some time trying to decide how I'm going to wear this shirt, since it's definitely an eye-catcher on it's own... but I think the easy way was the best way! If you're wearing an item which is an statement piece on it's own you should definitely try to keep the rest as simple as possible. A black pair of thick leggings and some plain black heels really make the shirt stand out. When it comes to jewelry- less is more for this shirt. Because of the big sleeves I decided to skip bracelets and a watch and just focused on one ring, my favorite DIY choker and some earrings.

August 19, 2016


The Gucci Princetown slippers are probably one of the biggest fashion trends right now. I've been seeing them all over social media, in every luxury boutique and fashion magazine. They are really expensive but aren't they totally worth it?! I mean, look at them! They are perfection! If you've read my previous article you'll know that I already started with the fall 2016 topic. Fall is going to be here sooner than we think, so let's take some time to talk about the perfect shoes for fall 2016.

The transition into fall couldn't be easier with these Gucci slippers. They are so easy to wear, easy to combine and they really convey this fall feeling because of the fur on the sides. So what is keeping you away from buying your first pair of Gucci slippers? Maybe the price? Well, in fashion we have to make compromises: Selling some old shoes or clothing and accessories will bring you some extra money to spend on something new and stylish. Which ones are your favorite? Let me know in the comments down below!

Which ones are your favorite?

August 17, 2016


ripped denim jacket for fall
Fall is waiting right around the corner which means we already need to think about the upcoming fall trends. I know we are still in the middle of august, but as a true fashion lover, we need to be prepared as soon as possible. There's nothing worse than not being prepared for a new season! I always used to have the problem where a new season was starting and I simply didn't had the right things to wear. Of course we don't really want to think about jackets and coats when it's still summer but trust me, you can start so much more relaxed into the new season and don't have to run from one place to another to get everything you need together.

My personal no°1 fall must have for 2016 has to be the ripped denim jacket. Denim jackets in general have been quite big over the past couple of years, so they never really go out of trend. This amazingly ripped denim jacket was the first planned fall item I got this year and I couldn't be happier with it. It's the perfect mix between casual and chic, so you can totally combine it both ways. Fall is going to be so much easier if you have this one perfect denim jacket you can throw over almost everything!