WOW! That was a hot summer! It truly felt like this years summer was endless, right? I can not describe how happy I am that fall has finally arrived here in Berlin! It's finally time for cozy evenings, hot chocolates with whipped cream and most importantly: Cozy sweaters!

#sweaterweather is definitely my favorite season when it comes to fashion. I looove combining oversized cozy sweaters with some tight leggings and some cute booties. Most comfortable and easy outfit combination EVER!

When it comes to finding the perfect cozy sweater there are obviously a lot of materials to choose... There's wool, mohair, cotton, cashmere etc. Cashmere has to be my favorite though. It's the most soft and luxurious sweater material and perfect for fall season! Are you still looking for the perfect cashmere sweater for fall and winter season? Peter Hahn has a huge selection! I fell in love with some of the nude cashmere sweaters. I would definitely order them in the biggest size to wear them oversized.

In cooperation with Peter Hahn.

diy ikea hack_hollywood regency booksheld diy_diy hollywood regency bookshelf_gold hacks ikea
It's no shame that every homeowner has a different budget when it comes to furniture and interior design. But why should people with a smaller budget give up on a luxurious interior? The Hollywood regency style is probably the most luxurious and my personal favorite. The great thing: You don't have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to achieve the Hollywood regency style for your home. You can easily make it yourself for a lot less money!

I've always dreamed of a gold shelf with glass shelfs- but to get those gold shelfs in a furniture store was way too expensive for me. I'm such a scrimper, I know! But why waste loads of money when you can save up thousands of dollars!?

Just like in my previous interior article, where I was showing you how to make an diy marble table, I found a lot of inspiration on Pinterest these last couple of weeks. This gold bookshelf was definitely my biggest DIY project so far- and also my favorite!

You only need two inexpensive things for this interior DIY: The Ikea VITTSJO shelving unit and gold spray paint. Thats it!

I made the dumb mistake of spray painting every component itself of the shelving unit before I build up the shelf. This was definitely the most time consuming way to do it, so I recommend building the shelf BEFORE you spray paint it! That way you're done a lot faster and it's a lot easier.

DIY gold bookshelf_gold ikea hack_gold spray paint hacks_hollywood regency furniture DIY
DIY hollywood regency furniture_ikea gold hacks_gold spray paint hacks_gold spray paint furniture hacks
DIY gold hollywood regency shelf_ikea hacks_simple ikea hack under $100


diy ikea hacks_gold hack ikea_diy marble table ikea hack_marble table hack
I have to say, that I never was a fan of DIY's, just because I always found them too tricky and too time consuming. I simply wasn't patient enough for complex DIY's which is way I can't believe I'm really showing a DIY on my blog today. I always loved home decor and interior design but sadly, the most beautiful and classy furniture pieces are way too expensive. I was browsing around Pinterest and found a super easy DIY and Ikea hack which will cost you only a few Euros and is finished super fast! This is definitely a DIY for everyone who want's to save a lot of money, don't have a lot of time and isn't patient.

Actually there are hiding two Ikea hacks in this article: A DIY marble table + a super classy and chic gold hack. Marble is probably the most hyped and loved home trends at the moment. You'll see marble tables everywhere but why are they so expensive?! I would never be happy spending thousands of Euros for a real marble table. I know they look amazing, but no- too expensive!

DIY marble table from ikea_marble hacks_diy marble table for less_ikea gold hacks_chic gold hacks for your home

Believe it or not but you only need three things for this marble table DIY: An inexpensive table, marble sticky paper (can be found at any construction market, DIY stores or all over the internet) and a towel.

Before you buy the marble sticky paper you need to measure out the table to make sure the marble paper will fit! Then you can easily stick the marble paper on the table- bit by bit- and always go after with the towel to make sure it really sticks on the table. Pressing the towel over the sticky paper will also avoid little bubbles if it's not evenly sticked on. Don't forget to go over the the edges of the table as well for a perfect marble look.

And there you have it! A super chic and expensive looking marble table. Made for only a few Euros.

I personally love love love furniture with gold details to it. But sadly, those pieces are always the most expensive ones. Well, not with this Ikea hack! 

What you'll need: A plain white table (with white table legs) + gold spray paint

Make sure to do this outside if you're having a garden or big balcony. Otherwise, cover up the floor with plastic foil to avoid having gold spray paint all over your floor! After that you can simply unscrew the table legs and spray them with the gold spray paint until you have a even finish. I suggest going for a shiny spray paint instead of a matte one, but that's totally up to you!

diy marble table from ikea_ikea hacks_ikea gold hacks_marble table hacks_gold spray paint hacks


from platinum blonde to light brown_from blonde to brown in one day_blonde to light brown in one day_von platin blond auf hellbraun färben ohne friseur_von blond auf braun
I've been planning a hair related article for months and months now and today I'm finally at the point where I'm 100% happy and satisfied with my hair, so it definitely was about time for me to finally write this hair article. If you're following me on Instagram (@trendiquemagazine), then you'll know that I've been blonde for years and years now. I'm a natural blonde, but I do dyed my hair platinum blonde over the last few years. I was thinking about going from blonde to brown for quite some time now and I finally had the courage to do it- all by myself.
gucci inspired logo t shirt_from blonde to brown in less than a day_von blond auf braun

Disclaimer: This is what worked for me and my hair. Please keep in mind that we all have different hair and a different hair structure, so what worked for me might not work exactly the same for you. It always depends on your hair structure and the color your hair is.

People in my closest circle know, that I hate going to the hairdresser and I always have to cut and dye my hair all by myself, even though I am not a prof. hairdresser or colorist. I know that every hairdresser knows what he's doing, but I only trust myself when it comes to my hair. I've been cutting and dying my hair myself for years!

Disclaimer #2: Before you dye your hair by yourself you should really know your hair. My hair is not the thickest but also not the thinest and always have been super tough and strong when it comes to coloring it. If your hair is very thin and sensitive, please do not color it by yourself- speak to a prof. hairdresser and colorist first!


Going from platinum blonde to brown hair is definitely not the easiest thing to do and no hairdresser will do this step for you in one day. The risk is simply too high! If you're going from blonde to brown, you're risking to get a green tint in your hair and we definitely not want that. Using a hair dye with some gold or red in it will help to avoid a green tint. Avoid using ash- or natural brown shades.

When I started dying my hair from blonde to brown it was completely platinum blonde- however, I did had roots about a few centimeters, so I basically had two different hair colors to work with. This made the whole process even more risky for me, because I knew that my roots will end up darker than the rest of my hair.


I dyed my hair by myself SO many times and always used drugstore hair dye for it. I know they are some great professional hair dyes out there everyone can buy, but I find it a lot easier with the drugstore ones. They are already mixed together, which will save you some time. I used the Schwarzkopf Diadem silk color creme in the shade 717 light brown. If your hair is as long as mine, definitely get two packages otherwise it will not be enough for your whole hair! I also used a hair dyeing brush to distribute the hair dye evenly on the roots.

I started dyeing my hair not with freshly washed hair, because your hair is a lot more contestable when it's freshly washed.

I started with my roots and always sectioned thin layers to make sure every single hair is covered in hair dye. From here you'll have to work quite fast, otherwise your roots will be even darker than the rest of the hair because the exposure time will be unavoidable longer. After I dyed my roots, I brushed through them and sectioned my hair in a few thin sections to dye the lengths. When my whole hair was covered in hair dye I put a very thin and transparent plastic bag around it and let it sit for 45 minutes.

After the 45 minutes I washed it all out and used the care conditioner that came with the Diadem hair dye and let it influence for two to three minutes.

Voila! That's how fast I went from platinum blonde to light brown hair and I am more than happy with the outcome.
from platinum blonde to light brown hair_von platinblond auf hellbraun

I will do a separate article on how I achieved a natural balayage at home but for those of you who are wondering what drugstore product I used: Loreal Preference in shade 01 wild ombre.






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